The Library

Cookbooks are a great way to learn about how to cook. In The Library you’ll read about the outdoor cooking related cookbooks I read.

“Adventures In Grilling: Cooking With Fire And Smoke” by Willie Cooper

July 28, 2013

I really like Adventures in Grilling: Cooking with Fire and Smoke: Cooking With Fire And Smoke by Chef Willie Cooper. I don't live very far from the Napa Valley and Sonoma, where Chef Cooper calls home, so I do visit the area from time to time. When you drive through the Napa Valley it has a certain feel to. [...]

“Rustic Italian” by Domenica Marchetti

July 18, 2013

You may find yourself asking why I am reviewing a cookbook that isn’t a cookbook specifically about some aspect of outdoor cooking. The answer is quite simple, you can learn something from every cookbook about outdoor cooking. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge about what [...]

Grills Gone Vegan by Tamasin Noyes

June 7, 2013

“If there is anything in life more satisfying than nurturing others through cooking, I haven’t found it. In that spirit, allow me to share Grills Gone Vegan with [...]
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