Holy Spam Sushi Batman, It's Musubi!

Spam maybe one of the most maligned meats on Earth.  You either like it, maybe even love it or you just don’t like it, maybe even hate it.

In Hawaii it seems Spam is so popular it’s known as “The Hawaiian Steak.”  One of the results of this love of Spam is a delicacy known as Spam Musubi.

Readers of this blog will know that I enjoy Asian flavor, they will also know that I Spam.  So a dish that incorporates Asian flavors and Spam would right up my alley.  There’s just something about the saltiness of the Spam combined with a nice teriyaki glaze/dipping sauce that when combined with the rice and nori makes for a dish that just tickles my taste buds.

I mean, really, what could possibly be better than Spam Sushi?  Especially if you’ve smoked the Spam and then grilled it to a nice carmelized piece of processed meat perfection.  I recently had the chance to make up some Spam Musubi for my daughter who was visiting.

The Spam slices went on the Traeger the night before, just because of time constraints the next day when we were making the Musubi.  Since I was planning to grill them the next day, and I didn’t want them to dry out on the grill, I smoked the slices at a low temp so all the fat wouldn’t render out.

The next day I fired up the RED gas grill with ManGrates and seared some nice grill marks in the Spam slices.  The grill marks were just an added little touch that doesn’t matter much since everything is covered in rice and nori anyway.  I lightly glazed the Spam slices with Aloha – Barbecue Sauce.  This gave the Spam some sweetness to match the saltiness.  It was a great combination.

Once the Spam grilled we assembled the tasty treats using a Spam Musubi Sushi Rice Press .  I know it’s cheating in some circles but hey I’m not a sushi chef and wanted the end result to be as good as it could be.  And they were.

If you’re going to try making Spam Musubi use a good quality sushi grade rice to make your sushi rice.  Here’s a simple sushi rice recipe, from Alton Brown, to follow the first time.  Then assemble you musubi.  Although most spam musubi is done with a thick portion of rice and covered with thin slices of spam and nori I prefer musubi done like the picture above.  A thinner layer of rice, a Spam slice, and then another thin layer of rice.  And then the whole thing is covered in nori.  (Use a couple grains of your sticky sushi rice to secure your nori.)

E `ai ka-ua

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  1. I’m speechless. Mostly over the fact that you can actually buy a specialized press to make that.

    And yes, I would gladly eat some of that… ;)

  2. I love this stuff, I am more freeform, but, the original process used the spam can with both ends removed as a form.

  3. You should send unsolicited emails about this post to people, just for the irony;)

  4. The Wiz // July 12, 2011 at 8:36 pm //

    I Love Spam Musubi!!!! My wife makes it on Saturdays for breakfast. I remember getting it at 7/11 in Hawaii as well. We moved from Hawaii to Southern California in ’86 but we still eat and make plenty local food. And sorry, but we make Kalua Pig in da crockpot because that’s an easy way to pork out… We will try grilling the Spam next time just for fun (and flavor).

    One slight disagreement with the post; I never heard anyone call Spam “The Hawaiian Steak”. In the islands, they enjoy their steak immensely, whether prepared plainly with salt and pepper or enhanced with a good homemade teriyaki sauce. As a matter of fact, some of the earliest cattle ranching for mass consumption was done on the Big Island by Paniolo’s (Hawaiian for “Cowboy”), and the neighborhood steak house where I lived (The Ranch House) was extremely popular with the locals both for the great steaks and great Hawaiian Music entertainment like Iz and the Makaha Sons.

    Great blog, I came here because of the Spam headline on another site. I will be back!!!

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