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The first rotating display pocket thermometer, the ThermoPop is another innovation from ThermoWorks. A simple button press rotates the display in 90 degree increments. Hold the ThermoPop in either hand or read it when it’s upside down. Any angle is convenient!


There are lots of companies in the world making thermometers.  I’ve followed many discussions on a variety of cooking forums, most of them outdoor cooking related, and I’m always surprised by the number of requests for a thermometer that works as well as a Thermoworks product but isn’t as expensive.

Most of the time people are seeking a cheap substitute for the famous Thermapen. The Thermapen is the quick read thermometer that all others wish they were.  The ThermoPop isn’t a Thermapen but for $24.00 there is now a thermometer on the market that I can recommend that isn’t a Thermapen.

Let’s get what the ThermoPop isn’t.  The ThermoPop isn’t as fast as a Thermapen. Yes there are other reasons to get a Thermapen, but let’s just deal with what the average backyard cooks is going to need.

The ThermoPop has some really cook features than make it, in my opinion, the thermometer of choice for those seeking a low-end solution.  One of the challenges for many people is they have to worry about how the thermometer is held so the temperature can be read.  The ThermoPop, with the push of a button, rotates 90 degrees with each push of the button.  It’s a great feature that makes the thermometer super simple to use for right or left-handers.

The ThermoPop isn’t as fast as the Thermapen but it still is Super-Fast® with a 5 or 6 second reading.  It’s splash-proof and has large digits that are backlit for night-time use.  And with a temperature range of  -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C) it should meet the needs for just about anyone cooking outdoors.  And if those features aren’t enough it comes in 9 colors. (But everyone knows that red is the fastest and best to have. :-) )

NOTE: I received the following note from Thermoworks today about the sale of gray market Thermapens.  It thought it was important enough to pass it along.

“There has been some price confusion brought on by unauthorized Thermapen sellers flooding eBay and Amazon with overpriced Thermapens. Some charging as much as $199. Don’t buy from these sellers! Buy direct from, or a local authorized dealer. You shouldn’t pay more than about $96 each.”

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  1. Larry, if you had to buy one or the other, which would you buy?


    • Larry Gaian // February 22, 2014 at 1:38 pm //

      If I was only going to purchase either the ThermoPop or the Thermopen I would choose the Thermopen. It’s quicker, almost twice as fast.

  2. Larry, I bought a ThermoPop for my brother since he didn’t have a good thermometer, and he has been very pleased with it so far. He really likes the rotating display and the backlight, and he says it is made him a better cook. Thanks for your great review!

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