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There are several different "tools" available that are supposed to make "pulling" your meat easier.  There's the popular "claw" type tools and even one that hooks up to your power drill. I have to admit my inner "Tool Man" wants me to have anything that runs on electricity, but so far I've avoided buying that one.  When it comes to pulling pork I'm pretty much a two forks and lots of arm action kind of guy.  I've always found my technique to be adequate.  So why try anything else. I found a good reason to try something else recently when I got an email from the gang at Meatrake offering me a couple sets of Meatrakes.  One for me to try and and another to give away.  I replied and told them sure, go right ahead and send them out.  I mean trying something out for free beats the heck out of buying something and discovering it's not the product you thought it was going to be.  I have to admit, though, I already knew I wasn't going to like this "tool" at all and I felt a little guilty accepting their offer.

But, I was wrong…

The Meatrake actually did make pulling the pork a lot easier.  I ripped through two 8 pound butts in around five minutes.  This is pretty fast for me.  I thought it was a great tool and now I’m glad I got them.  I’ll probably use them every time I shred me some meat.

The handles are made from polypropylene and fit nicely into my hands.  I wish the handles were a little bigger around than they are, but it’s not really much of a problem.  The tines are make from professional grade stainless steel and tear through meat with ease.  I was even able to separate the pork fat from the pork using the Meatrakes with very little difficulty.

I suppose I could pad this review with lots of hyperbole and big words of praise. Instead I’m just going to tell you these things work and they work good.  In my opinion they are work $19.95 if you are pulling lots of meat.  You can purchase from

Now for the giveaway details.  The rules are quite simple.  Leave a comment on this post with why you want a set of Meatrakes.  Then tell all your friends about it.  Have them come here and leave a reply to your comment.  The person who gets the most replies to their comment wins.  Drawing will be held at Noon (Pacific time) on January 2nd.  Winner will notified via email, so make sure you leave your email.  In the case of a tie, I’m just going to pick someone…

Simple enough?  Ready…set…comment!

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12 Comments on The Meatrake! Review and Giveaway…

  1. These look pretty good, I’d be interested in getting a set.

  2. Saw these at the NBBQA show last year. Loved them but I will say they are not as ergonomically versatile when it comes to grabbing roasts off the smoker like the bear claws are. However, they seem like they would clean up quicker and pull pork even a little better, so…….I’m ready to have both on hand. Thanks Larry for the reminder. !

    • But they aren’t designed or advertised as being able to grab a whole roast off the smoker. I prefer to use my hands, in gloves, to pull the meat off the smoker anyway. (This reply doesn’t count for the contest..BTW)

  3. amy marantino // December 29, 2011 at 9:41 pm //

    i would give this to my friend as a gift. he would love it!

  4. This looks kool and im sure its faster then my forks and I might not burn my fingers this way

  5. I am always looking for an edge to kick my pulled pork up a notch.
    Shredding it up after a long cook is a chore sometimes.
    My latest improvement has been using Alder Smoked Sea Salt when serving.
    Makes my Sliders even better with a nice cole slaw, and home-made buns.
    New Years would be the perfect time to fire up the BBQ!

  6. Fred B Johnson Jr. // December 29, 2011 at 11:21 pm //

    Thanks for a fair and positive review I am the guy that developed the product and rec. the patent.Myself and my 2 partners will be @ the San Diego show displaying and looking for marketing ideas.

  7. These sure would come in handy when we are tearing up the butts to feed the masses at Memphis in May.

  8. This looks like something useful. I’ve used regular forks… tiring. I’ve seen the claws… afraid to buy ‘em because it looks like I’d spend more time unclogging more than pulling. So I resort to chopping. I surely will end up buying a set in the new year.

  9. I’m gonna be cooking up lots of pork butts this summer, I need me some Meatrakes!

  10. stephanie // June 7, 2012 at 9:28 pm //

    Man I think this is an EXCELLENT idea! I have watched many reviews and I think this is a great product for gift giving!! I’m excited to be giving these away in a bbq basket for birthdays!

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