Swiss Grills: Have You Considered Quality Control

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“Swiss Grills is dedicated to high-quality barbeques that are made to last you a lifetime…”

swiss-grill-1In the past I always thought of any product with the “Swiss” logo would be of good quality.  I guess those days are gone because after taking a look at the new Swiss Grill I’ll always question that quality assurance. And taking a look from a distance you might actually think the Swiss Grill is a high-quality grill. But when you get up close you’ll see it’s an illusion.

swiss-grill-3If what I got when I took the grill out of the box is a sign of dedicated to high-quality I’m going to need to reconsider what high-quality actually is.

Let’s start with the lid, the focal point of the grill.  There is discoloration all along the welds.  This discoloration is caused by overheating during the manufacturing process. It’s obvious that someone wasn’t paying much attention during and after the lid was built.

swiss-grill-2I suppose this wouldn’t be a huge issue if it was only cosmetic, but the overheating will also decreases corrosion resistance and degrades the durability of the stainless steel.  The issue with the discoloration was on both sides of the lid as you can see.

The problems with the lid were not limited to the welds. The right side of the lid was pushed in, while the left side was pushed out.

The fact that something as bad as this got past the Swiss Grill quality control makes me wonder what’s wrong in the areas we can’t easily see. For a grill that sells for over $1,000 this just isn’t acceptable.


The drawers on 3 Drawer Module are almost useless.  The drawers are half the width of the cabinet so storage capability isn’t exactly useful.  I’m relatively sure this is a safety precaution to keep the cabinet from tipping over when the drawers are open.  It probably would have made more sense to make the cabinet heavier and the drawers deeper instead of the cheaper way out.  For $599.00 I’d want to be able to store things in the cabinet.

I didn’t even want to cook on this grill after unboxing and putting this thing together.  But the grill does come with a “signature” bottle opener…

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  1. It seems that Swiss Grill has nothing to do with Switzerland at all. They are located in US and UK. I could not find anything about them in Switzerland. Their web page states: “All Swiss Grill BBQ’s are made in China.”

  2. Chris Hartwig // June 24, 2014 at 4:13 pm //

    Hello Larry

    I write to you in reference to the review that you placed on your blog regarding SWISS GRILL.

    Essentially I understand your pain, your reviews are very good indeed, I would say though that you should also review the performance of the grill. Unfortunately it seems that your grill was damaged in transit, this is why it was dented inwards on the right hand hood panel as per your photographs, furthermore, the hand polished edges have now been rectified and all edges are finished immaculately. You without doubt received a “duff hood” and for this I am sorry. Every Brand in the world has anomalies and you received one of these.

    You also comment on the 3 drawer module. Unfortunately any item that attaches to a Gas appliance on a DIY basis has to have a Zero tip point. The drawers are still useable and frankly I found this comment a little harsh albeit your opinion, in what way did you find the drawers to lose there function, I ask this as a genuine reference for improvement rather than belligerence .

    I am also surprised that you mention the Grill “over-heating”. We pride ourselves in making a Hot Grill, people love the fact that a SWISS GRILL actually get’s hot!, did you use the rear burner in conjunction with the bottom burners by any chance?

    In order for the Grill to last we have ensured that the hood components, cooking grids, sear plates and firebox are all manufactured from 304 Stainless steel. We also use 20% more gauge when comparing to our exacting price point competitors.

    Overall Im very disappointed that you have had such a poor experience, I would like to send you a brand new roasting hood. I would also ask that you comment on how the Grill was to assemble / cook on.

    The 3 directors of the company are a SWISS family, all the products are designed and quality controlled by the SWISS and therefore the comment about the company not being SWISS really isn’t valid either.
    We are proud of our brand, its our everything. Please let me know what I can do to make things right with you.

    I look forward to your response and thank you kindly for your interest in our industry.


    Chris Hartwig
    Sales and Marketing Director

    • Larry Gaian // June 24, 2014 at 6:27 pm //


      Thank you for your email. A few points and some additional information that I didn’t include in my blog post for you to consider.

      I can assure the grill was not damaged in transit. The reason I know the grill was not damaged in transit is because the packaging was immaculate when it arrived at the dealership I work at. The issue is/was, without a doubt, a manufacturing one. It’s a good thing you have fixed the issues I mentioned concerning the top. The fact is the hood on the grill that was purchased showed plenty of signs of bad craftsmanship. I’ve opened, set up and cooked on hundreds of grills from plenty of manufacturers and have never experienced an anomaly like this.

      Concerning the 3 drawer unit. I pointed out I was sure the reason was because of safety issue. I also pointed out that a better solution than narrow drawers that don’t open far enough was to build a weighted cabinet. The drawers the space when a drawer is open is not enough to easily store and remove larger outdoor cooking items. When the 3 drawer unit is attached to the corner unit and then attached to the grill the tipping point would be negligible. Believe me. I understand the safety issues and the reasons companies have to resort building things like this. But in my opinion the reason the drawer unit was designed like it was had more to do with meeting a price point and not functionality.

      I have the opportunity to cook on a variety of different grills. From Char-Broil, Saber, Lynx, Firemagic, Alfresco, Blaze, DCS and others. I know the difference between grades of stainless steel. And I know a properly constructed grill when I see one.

      The reference to over-heating was made in reference to the metal being overheated during construction. It is easy to see the discoloration, on the hood, is caused by overheating during construction/welding.

      As far as the company being owned by the SWISS. If this is truly the case, then I am even more saddened by the grill I reviewed because I have come, over my 56 years on Earth, to respect the craftsmanship of the products displaying the SWISS name.

      I will check with the store owner to see if sending a replacement lid is necessary and get back to you.

      Since you took the time to also leave the information in this email as a comment on my website I will publish it so your side is there. I will also include my response.

      Thank you for taking the time to write. I do appreciate it and certainly understand and respect your passion for defending your product.

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