Salmon With Scotty B’s Carrots

Grail Note: Just a reminder to all my readers.  Many times the sauces and/or products used here at BBQ Grail HQ are provided by the manufacturer.  That is the case with the sauces from Scotty B.  It may also appear that I like everything you sent to me.  I don’t, I promise.  It just seems like it sometimes because I rarely write negative reviews, it’s a karma thing.  If someone sends me something I don’t like I normally just let them know why and we move on to something else.  In rare cases something is so bad I do let you know.  But because taste is so subjective I just feel it’s best to just not publish negative reviews.

I’ve decided the next step for The BBQ Grail is hot sauces.  Certainly hot and spicy foods go right along with BBQ and Grilling.  I’m not interested in just being able to sprinkle (or douse) my foods in some fiery, burn both ends, hot sauce.  I want to be able to cook with the sauces.  And that’s why the gourmet hot sauces from Scotty B interested me. They look like sauces that were created with cooking in mind, not just heating up already cooked food.

I had some salmon in the refrigerator and thought I’d give the Berries in Heat sauce a try.  Not knowing exactly how hot the sauce was or what the flavor profile would be like after I cooked with it I was a little hesitant to try it on the salmon.  I mean, salmon is the greatest grilled fish on Earth and wiping it’s flavor away with some super hot sauce wasn’t really what I had in mind.  (Click the picture for more details)

I decided to cook some carrots and see if I could glaze them with the sauce.  This would be a really good test for the Berries in Heat.  You see, I don’t like cooked carrots.  Raw carrots and carrot cake are pretty much the only way I like to eat carrots.  If Scotty B’s hot sauce could make carrots taste good Then we’d probably have a winner here.

The carrots were peeled and quartered.  I then par-boiled the carrots in heavily salted water until they just started to get soft.  One of my complaints about most cooked carrots is they are normally cooked to the mush stage.  So cook the carrots to the point where you get an initial soft bite but there is still a crunch in the middle.  When you reach that point submerge in ice water to stop the cooking process.  Drain and return to the pan.

Depending upon how many carrots you have in the pot add enough butter and Scotty B’s Berries in Heat in a 50/50 mixture until the carrots are completely coated.  Now slowly heat the carrots until the sugar in the hot sauce starts to caramelize.  Don’t burn the sauce or the butter.  You want to make sure the coating stays on the carrots.  When the carrots are warmed through you are ready to serve.

Were they good?  Yes, they were.  I could have pumped up the hot sauce a little more for my taste, but it had a nice sweet heat.  This sauce would work on a variety of different foods.  And I probably could have put it on the salmon without any problem.

The salmon was seasoned with Todd’s Crabby Dirt.  (Yes, I use a lot of Dirt when I cook).  And grilled on a plank from a wild apple tree.

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  1. I love the slice of apple tree. The cheap planks I get at the supermarket just aren’t cutting it any more. Great work.

  2. Larry, I love that you used a wild apple tree plank! How creative! Did you cut the tree down yourself or how did that work?

    I need to get more familiar with stuff down here in S. Florida. My neighbor smokes using sea grape leaves, maybe that is something I should try. I like my tree enough not to butcher it though lol.

    thanks for all your great creativity! It’s inspiring!

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