Review: Seeing Is Believing With Chefspecs®

ChefSpecs1 One of the hardest things I've had to come to grips with, as I've gotten older, is my somewhat blurry vision.  I know I'm fortunate that I spent 49 years of my life without needing any type of vision correction, but the last couple of years has meant adding bifocals.  I dislike wearing glasses a lot.  Although my distance vision is clearer with glasses I don't have to wear them.  I can still pass the vision test for a California driver's license. Reading however is an entirely different story.  My arms at one time were  long enough to allow me to read a book or magazine without reading glasses.  But it seems that my arms have gotten shorter over time so the need to a little reading assistance has become a necessity.  I use a lot of cookbooks cooking and writing this blog so reading with some clarity is important.  Last month as I made my way through the all the food booths I came across Chefspecs Kitchen Readers. I knew, right away, this is a product I had to try.  The nice people at Chefspecs were kind enough to send me a pair to try.  And I love these readers.  I've gone through a lot of reading glasses in the past few years and I've struggled to find some I like.  There have been several giant packages of cheap readers from the local warehouse store.  There have been moderately priced readers from the drug store and even one expensive pair I found in an airport bookstore.  None of the glasses I've tried in the past are as easy to wear as Chefspecs.

By easy to wear I mean they actually sit comfortably on my face.  They are more comfortable than my, much more expensive, “real” glasses.  The lenses are crystal clear and do a great job of magnifying even the smallest of print.  These readers work and work well.

Even though I find myself using my new readers throughout the house for reading almost everything they are most valuable in the kitchen.  Chefspecs are strong and durable.  Made from a lightweight metal they will withstand the punishment of ChefSpecs2getting tossed around the kitchen.  They are so tough you can even stick them in the dishwasher (upper rack with no heat drying) to clean them of the grease and grim that will get on them.  The glasses come with a metal magnetic container that will stick to many kitchen surfaces in the kitchen so your glasses will always be within arms length, assuming of course you use the

In addition to Chefspecs the company also produces Nitespecs.  An innovative pair of reading glasses that have built-in LED lights on the sides of each lens.  The lights are perfect for night-time outdoor cooking.  The lights are bright enough to allow you to see what you’re doing if grilling in an area that may not have great lighting.  One thing to note when deciding which pair to buy.  The Nitespecs frames are not metal and the glasses cannot be put in the dishwasher.

Readers of this blog know I only write positive reviews.  If I don’t like a product I just don’t write about.  The products from Chefspecs are worth an endorsement.  You can check out their site at

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