Review: Gary’s Original All Purpose Seasoning

garysallpurposeseasoning“This chicken is really good!”

Those words are what a cook wants to here when the family sits down to eat a meal they have just prepared.  And that’s exactly what I heard last night.  What made the proclamation even better was it came with no prompting. I didn’t even need to ask for an opinion.

I’ve learned when trying out a new seasoning, rub or sauce the difference between “it’s good” and “it’s GOOD when I ask what Mrs. Grail thinks of the meal.  And when “this chicken is really good” comes out of her mouth all on its own I know I’ve hit pay dirt.

I need to admit I’ve had the box with Gary’s Seasoning for some time.  I have a shelf where I keep all the samples I receive so I don’t lose track of them.  It seems I neglected to put the box I received on the shelf.  While cleaning up the other day I found the box.  Luckily we were having grilled chicken for dinner last night so I was able to use it without any further wait.

I’m a big fan of all-purpose seasonings that are actually designed with all types of ingredients in mind.  Often times commercial “store-bought” all-purpose seasonings are mostly salt based without any real effort to make the product taste good on everything.  When you’re seasoning is nothing but salt with a little paprika and garlic powder tossed in,most of the flavor enhancing is left to the salt or added MSG. Gary’s Seasoning uses salt and garlic but with the additional spices and flavors it will actually enhance flavors instead of just covering up the natural flavors of the ingredients.  And for those that care about MSG, there isn’t any.


When you first open the shaker of Gary’s Seasoning the aroma of garlic is the most prominent flavor your notice.  But do not let that fool you.  This is not a one note seasoning.  Taste the seasoning and you’ll notice the layers of flavors start to play tricks on your taste buds.  The more you taste the different it tastes.  Because of the different flavor layers I found you get the best result when you start with a good dash of the seasoning the chicken when it’s put on the grill and then a light sprinkle just before you take the meat off the grill.

I like Gary’s Original Blend a great deal.  It’s going to become a staple in the spice cabinet for just about anything we cook.

Gary’s Seasonings comes in a variety of “heat” levels, and there is also a “no-salt” version.  You can check out the different versions and purchase online at Gary’s Seasoning.

Grail’s Note:  And just to keep this legal.  I received my sample of seasoning without cost from Gary’s Seasonings.

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  1. If the BBQGrail *and* Mrs. Grail recommend it, I’m sold. I ordered the no-salt version, and will try it out soon!

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