Review: Devil's Tongue Steak Sauce

When Ed’s RoadhousE asked me try their steak sauce I said I would.  I’m not really sure what possessed me to agree to it because I’m not a steak sauce user.  My thought on steak sauce is that if my steak needs a sauce to make it taste good/better then you either cooked it poorly or it was a lousy steak to begin with.  Good meat doesn’t need sauce.  Maybe a nice compound butter on my steak, but never, ever steak sauce.   I’m pretty consistent on this.  I don’t use much BBQ sauce on my smoked meats.  A nice light glazing of ribs is perfect for me.

Then there’s the “hot sauce” aspect.  I love food with a little heat.  A “little heat” is a subjective term but I like foods with more heat than the average person.  But I don’t like products with heat, for heat’s sake.  It’s got to have flavor, and I don’t want something so hot it ruins my taste buds for the whole meal.  So, what in the world was I doing to agreeing to review a product called “Devil’s Tongue?”  Chances were I wasn’t going to like it.

I know a lot of hot sauce fans like the burn.  I don’t.  I like to work up a nice forehead sweat and even once in awhile a meal that requires a towel to wipe my whole head is a good thing.  But that’s about it.  When the “Devil’s Tongue” arrived I did what I always do with a new sauce.  I got a spoon out and tasted it.  Normally, this is with BBQ sauce.  Fortunately I had enough common sense to to not eat a whole spoonful.  This stuff is hot.  So hot (at least in my book) that I decided to not even bother trying it on the nice ribeye I had ready for the grill.

After my steak was grilled, rested and about ready for consumption I heard a little voice saying “you’ve got to try me on the steak.  Go ahead…you know you want to.”  Was I being tempted by the “Devil’s Tongue?”  I quickly finished getting my baked potato ready and was anticipating the joy of a perfectly grilled medium rare steak when I realized the temptation was going to work.  I was, in fact, going to give in and eat this stuff on my ribeye.

When you see a steak sauce commercial on television they usually just pour a river of sauce down the middle of the steak and dig in.  That doesn’t happen at the Grail home…no way…no how.  And it certainly wasn’t going to happen with “Devil’s Tongue Steak Sauce.”  The first thing I did was enjoy several bites of steak without any sauce on them.  Regular readers of this blog know I am a huge advocate of just kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper on my steaks.  That’s it!  Nothing fancy, I want to taste the beef.  And just in case this steak sauce screwed up my steak I wanted a couple of good bites to remember it by.

After the first couple of bites I put a little dab of “Devil’s Tongue” steak sauce on my plate and with a fork full of beefy goodness I gently dipped the corner of the steak bite into the sauce.  Just a little, maybe a micro dot, of sauce found it’s way onto the steak.  I could have sworn I heard a voice coming from the bottle of sauce…”Wimp.”  But I’m sure it was just my imagination.  I tried it, I put the bite in my mouth.

It tasted good.  It had the right level of heat for my tastes and the flavor profile of the steak sauce complimented the beef flavor very well.  Now I know the heat level was because I had enough sense to start with just a little and the flavor could have easily overpowered the steak if I had used too much.  But what it comes down to is I actually liked this stuff.  Hot Sauce fans would probably use more, but for me a little dab will do ya.  Over the course of my meal I did slowly increase the amount of sauce on each bite of steak and I eventually reached a level of heat that was not good for me.  But the flavor was always good.

There is one way I do use steak sauce.  A couple times a summer, when I grill tri-tips I baste them with a 50/50 mixture of A-1 Bold and melted butter.  The flavor is awesome with a good Santa Maria seasoning.  I’m thinking a couple tablespoons (0r teaspoons) of “Devil’s Tongue Steak Sauce”  mixed with the butter would make a great basting sauce.  I’m going to have to give it a try.

For those that really like heat and flavor this steak sauce is going to be good for you.  If you’re a little on the wimpy side go slow…use caution.  “Devil’s Tongue Steak Sauce” can be purchased from it’s maker at Ed’s RoadHousE Jerky.

Disclosure:  Ed’s RoadHousE gave me the steak sauce for free.  The fact that I got the sauce for free, had no bearing on whether or not I liked it.  And it certainly didn’t influence my review.

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  1. Looks like a tasty steak. I’d with you on the basting techniques. It’s always easier to add spicy than to try to take the heat back out!

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