Good Chicken Can Be Easy Peasy

The term Easy Peasy comes from a 1970’s british TV commercial for Lemon Squeezy detergent. They were with a little girl who points out dirty greasy dishes to an adult (mom or relative) and then this adult produces Lemon Squeezy and they clean the dishes quickly. At the end of the commercial the girl says “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy”. — Urban Dictionary

Barbeque Insurance.  Now that’s just downright cleaver.  There’s no guarantees in BBQ life but it’s always good to have a little insurance.  And the two products from Easy Peasy Foods can give you a bit of insurance.  It’s not going to keep you from burning your food but it should give you a little peace of mind on the flavor side of things.

I’m going to admit right from the start that I’m not one of those haters of corn syrup.  In my book corn syrup is an important ingredient in a good commercial BBQ sauce.  Don’t know what it is, but I like it.  I try to limit the amount of corn syrup in other things I eat, but when it comes to BBQ sauce I just don’t mind it at all.  So when I received my free sample of BBQ sauce from Easy Peasy and noticed that it contains no corn syrup my expectations dropped.

Barbeque Insurance BBQ Sauce is a good sauce.  I liked it.  The flavor is a little different than normal.  Not to sweet and the flavors are somewhat neutral and complimented a couple different rubs I tried.  And it definitely matched up perfectly with their BBQ Insurance Chicken Marinade.

In addition to it’s slightly sweet taste it has just the right amount of finishing heat that I like.  My preference is a sauce that’s a little sweet on the front of the tongue with just a hint of heat on the back of the throat on the way down.  It’s almost perfect in that aspect.  And the fact they accomplished it with no corn syrup is pretty remarkable in my book.

You can see from the picture on the right that the sauce has a rich, thick consistency.  It adhered to the smoked chicken and gave it not only a good flavor but a very nice color.

Barbeque Insurance BBQ Sauce is a nice sauce.  It’s not perfect, but then again not very many sauces are.  It’s not available in stores outside of a few locations in Michigan so if you’re up to mail order you can order it here.

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  1. I’m a fan of sauces that bring a little heat on the back end. Will have to give these guys a buzz. Thanks for the post, Larry!

  2. I enjoy a little corn syrup in my sweet sauces. The problem with BBQ sauce is that it is such a subjective thing. Just look at Blues Hog – loved by a huge crowd and reviled but another large contingent.

    I think you did a good balanced review.

  3. by….by another large contingent….

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