Don’t Just Dust Your Pig

It all started with a simple tweet about a blog post I wrote on some ways to keep your rubs from clumping.  Shortly after publishing the blog post I got a tweet from Willie’s Hog Dust informing me that if you had a good quality product you didn’t have to worry about clumping.

After a exchanging a few tweets the offer was made to send me some product to try out.  And a few days later a bottle of Willie’s Hog Dust appeared in my mailbox.

One of the traits that perplexes me about rub makers is the tendency to sometimes use animals in the title of their product.  Let’s use Willie’s Hog Dust as an example.  If I saw this on the shelf I’d think it was only good for pork.  And that would be a shame because it’s great on beef.

I checked out Willie’s website and it mentioned using it on steaks.  So I thought let’s give it a good test and I smoked up a rack of center cut, beef back ribs.  And let me tell you, those were some fine beef ribs.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the “hog dust” was how fine the rub had been ground.  It may be the finest grind I’ve ever seen in a BBQ rub.  I wasn’t quite sure what this would mean when it actually came to using the rub, but I soon learned.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, because there is no frame of reference, but Willie’s Hog Dust makes rubbin down your meat easier.  I never thought I would consider that to be an andvantage when buying a rub, but I think it is.

The reason it’s called “rub” is because the expectation is you’re going to rub the seasoning into the meat.  With a lot of rubs it takes some effort and maybe extra rub to get all the meat covered and the seasonings worked into the meat.  With Willie’s Hog Dust it really did require less effort to get good coverage on the meat.  When you’re only doing one or two racks of ribs or pork butts this might not seem like a big deal, but if you’re prepping large amounts of meat this is a huge benefit.

The flavor of this rub is fantastic.  It has a slight “peppery” overall flavor that compliments the meat without covering the “meat” taste.  I really like this rub and can see how it would be great on a variety of meats, not just pork and beef.

Willie’s Hog Dust is all natural.  While it’s not sodium free it does contain less salt than most rubs.  It’s also MSG and Gluten free, both of which  are rare in the BBQ rub industry.

The beef ribs tasted amazing and I ate them without any sauce at all. Finding a rub that allows you to eat your ribs without sauce is a good thing.

Visit their website for more information and where to purchase it.

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  1. The beef ribs look excellent, Larry. Very good review.

  2. Willie’s Hog Dust is really good stuff! Love it!

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