Classic Accessories Really Does Cover Your Gear

Our commitment as the market leader shows we don’t just set the bar on quality and expectations.  We raise it.  Classic Accessories consistently delivers products that are designed to perform and built to last.


I hate grill covers!

How’s that for the start of a blog post?

Over the years I have received several emails from grill cover manufacturers asking me to accept a grill cover for me to review.  Of all the outdoor cooking accessories I’ve reviewed the grill cover has been one of the most difficult.

How long should a grill cover last is one of the biggest questions I’ve contemplated.  It’s pretty difficult to review a grill cover after having used it a couple of weeks. I’ve been a lot more selective in the grill covers I review for just that reason.

I received an email a month or so ago from Classic Accessories, an outdoor “gear” cover manufacturer in Kent,Washington asking me if Iclassic-accessories-3would be interested in trying out one of their new “Hickory Series” grills.  Before sending back a response I decided to do a little internet investigation on the company and their products before deciding if I was going to accept or not.

One of my biggest problems with “grill cover” manufacturers is they normally have a very limited choice of backyard grilling equipment they cover.  I was surprised to see I could get matching covers for my Weber kettles, Weber Smoky Mountain, Saber Grill and even for my Traeger Texas.  These are not generic covers designed to fit anything, they were designed specifically for those grills.


The next thing I noticed is there were not all that many negative reviews about the product.  The lack of complaints was even more impressive when I noticed the price.  The Hickory Series covers are very cost-effective.  The fact that I could purchase matching covers for all my grills and smokers I could also afford to eventually get covers for my patio furniture, fire pit and other equipment. Was a major plus.

For purely selfish reasons I accepted the offer of a grill cover and choose the “Pellet Grill Cover.”  The cover is perfect for my Traeger Texas. It fit perfectly.  I like that the straps were designed to wrap around the legs of the smoker so the cover was firmly secured to the smoker.  The cover fit around the pellet hopper and smoke stack like perfection.  The cover is a little, and I do mean a little, difficult to get off the stock stack when removing the cover, but I suspect that as the material becomes a more flexible with age it won’t be as hard.

classic-accessories-1The straps that hold the cover in place, as I mentioned before, wrap around the legs.  The straps are heavy-duty and should last for years.  I suspect the edges of the straps will fray a little  over time.  I wish the edges were sewn to prevent the fraying but this is a minor potential problem.

classic-accessories-2The covers are made from what Classic Accessories calls Weather10™.  This heavy-duty fabric is water-repellent with a PVC under coating.  I was particularly impressed with the double, interlocking stitching on the seams.


The padded handles makes moving the smoker around while covered very easy.  It seems that everything I’d wanted in a grill cover was thought of in designing this one.  You can buy Classic Accessory Hickory covers on Amazon.

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