Product reviews are a big part of Embers & Flame. I don’t do negative reviews. That doesn’t mean I like every product, it just means I don’t write about the stuff I don’t like. The exception is restaurant reviews, with restaurants I’ll tell you what I think.

Sizzle Q from Little Griddle Innovations

August 19, 2014

There is only one thing, in the world, that tastes better than a juicy hamburger cooked on one of my outdoor grills. And that's a juicy hamburger cooked on a "flat top" sitting on one of my outdoor grills. There is just something about the flavor and crunchiness of a perfect hamburger patty on a flat top. [...]

ThermoPop from ThermoWorks

February 19, 2014

The first rotating display pocket thermometer, the ThermoPop is another innovation from ThermoWorks. A simple button press rotates the display in 90 degree increments. Hold [...]

BBQ Gift Idea: Thermoworks Chef Alarm

December 2, 2013

There are few companies with a reputation for great quality products and superb customer service levels.  As far as I am concerned there is only one company to buy any kind [...]

There’s A Time And Place For Lazy Kettle Brand Liquid Smoke

October 28, 2013

I suspect that a few of my BBQ friends will attempt to have my BBQ Man Card revoked for using liquid smoke, let along writing a review and advocating the use of it. But just as adding BBQ sauce to the crock pot with your chicken doesn't give you barbecued chicken adding liquid smoke to your food doesn't give you smoked foods. [...]

Is There Really “Flavor Before Fire” With Sweet Sunshine

October 20, 2013

I enjoy "hot" foods. My family always gets a kick out me breaking out into a sweat while eating a meal that has something with heat. To be honest it doesn't matter how hot the food item is I break out in a sweat. I can handle quite a bit of heat, but really prefer a spicy product that isn't hot for hot sake. Sweet Sunshine makes the claim their sauces have "flavor before fire." [...]

Restaurant Review: San Diego’s BBQ 81

October 4, 2013

The name Barbecue 81 has a very special significance. It’s in honor of my dad, Ron Jessie, who wore the number 81 when he played for the L.A. Rams. I had the chance to [...]

Millie Has A Great Barbecue Sauce!

June 4, 2013

“Since my childhood, I can remember my mother Millie cooking so many delicious southern dishes using her famous sauce. Millie’s memory still lives on in our [...]
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