World MOINK Ball Day! Part 3

One last World MOINK Ball Day entry from my friends in the Netherlands!

I know World MOINK Ball Day is all about the balls but I had to post a picture of how Pascal set up his kettle grill for indirect cooking.  This is an excellent technique for people who want to give their meats a little smoke but don’t have a traditional smoker.

And the MOINK Balls look fantastic also!

And now a few entries from the United States:

This entry from Ric made me so jealous.  Not only does he show great technique with the MOINKs on Skewers but the view from his deck is simply amazing.  What a great day this must have been.

Mike uses the colored toothpick technique to jazz up his MOINK Ball entry.  Check out the nice glaze on his balls, that’s something to be proud of.

Check out this mound of  MOINK Balls from Richard.  And his method of serving them is spot on.  A big pile of sauced MOINK Balls in an aluminum tray captures the simplicity of what a MOINK Ball is!  Great job…




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