World MOINK Ball Day! Part 2

A few more of the great photos sent to me to celebrate World MOINK Ball Day.

Marc shows off his MOINK Ball results after his helper did all the hard work.  Nice job!  Marc, can I get some pictures of the outdoor fireplace behind you?

Okay, the MOINK Balls from Kees in the Netherlands look fantastic, but I’ve got to admit this picture of his mobile pit has me curious about how it all works.

Another great contribution Netherland’s contribution from Ewald.  His MOINK Balls came complete with a custom made flag!

Here’s another set of pictures that made me jealous.  Dirk was enjoying the warm weather while grilling his MOINK Balls.  Nicer weather in the Netherlands than Northern California on World MOINK Balls Day.

Bernd uses the classic Netherland’s indirect heat method to cook his MOINK Balls.  Someday I’m going to get my hands on some of the bacon they use.  Love the look of it on the MOINK Balls!



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  1. That is a wild looking double barrel smoker. Custom work for sure.

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