World MOINK Ball Day! Part 1

Another strong turn out for World MOINK Ball Day!  This annual event sponsored by the Dutch BBQ Association gets better everything year.  Here are a few pictures of MOINK Balls and their makers from opposite ends of the world. Bill from Australia, was the "first cab off the rank in Australia." Whatever that means.  Bill's son seems to have a great technique for getting a whole MOINK Ball down in one bite. Willem from the Netherlands not only knows how to make some great looking MOINK Balls but captures the beauty of them with some great pictures.

I’m a little jealous of the sunshine Werner has to cook MOINK Balls in the Netherlands.  Nice offset you’ve got there Werner!

Pieter, also from the Netherlands, has a nice indirect heat set up with his Weber Kettle.  And where can I get some of those cool wooden skewers?

Martin and his helper do a great job of cooking MOINK Balls with indirect heat on a little kettle.  Martin’s technique uses a minimalistic approach when it comes to sauce.

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  1. A great line up of MOINK!

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