MOINK Ball Stuffed Polenta Balls And Pasta

A couple of weeks ago I attended one of those “Taste Of” events in a neighboring community.  One of the restaurant/caters that provided a “taste” brought along these tasty balls of polenta stuffed with various meats.  With the marinara sauce and pasta they also had it made for a very nice “small plate.”

I had a couple of leftover MOINK Balls in the refrigerator and while thinking about eating them it struck me that stuffing them inside a polenta ball and frying them would not be a bad thing.  And I was correct…

I cooked the polenta per the package instructions and let it cool in the refrigerator completely.  Then with oiled hands I formed the polenta around the MOINK Balls.  It worked with no problems at all.  I put the Polenta Balls in the fridge so they stayed cold and kept their shape while I cooked the pasta and made the tomato sauce.

The sauce was simple.  Peeled three Roma tomatoes and chopped them.  In a skillet I sautéed a little onion, a little finely chopped carrot and celery and some garlic in olive oil until tender.  I added some Italian Seasoning, Oregano and dried parsley.  With just a little water I cooked everything for about 15 minutes.

When the pasta was done I fried the Polenta Balls in oil until golden brown.  With some penne pasta I had myself a nice and simple dinner.  Experimentation in the kitchen can be a good thing…at least this time it was.

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  1. Those fancy executive chefs ain’t got nuthin’ on you, Larry!

  2. Very cool! Kind of like the turkey stuffed with the chicken.

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