Memphis In May #11: Making MOINK Balls™

I was able to do a MOINK Ball™  cooking demonstration using the Char-Broil Smoker,Roaster, Grill.  It was great to get out there and “perform” before a couple of hundred people.

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  1. Oh — so that’s what a Moink Ball – made by the master himself – looks like. Just because I was there in Memphis and invited you to come hang out, drove you around, picked up the tab for breakfast lunch and dinner….I s’pose that didn’t qualify me for an actual taste of one…sheese.

    Seriously Larry – you and your lovely wife Celeste were an absolute joy to hang out with. I enjoyed your company and conversation and am so honored that you came and enjoyed yourself. You made a big difference to the entire week-end, and your pork turn-ins for the Pork Smack-Downs rocked! Can’t wait to share those recipes!

    Oh – BTW – Happy Birthday.

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