2010 MOINK Ball Challenge Entries

The first of what will be an annual event has gotten off to a somewhat rocky start.  First, The BBQ Grail only received 3 entries.  The second problem I’ll just blame on “computer problems,”  it’s easier and less embarrassing for me that way.

With an entry from the Pacific Northwest, Georgia and our friend up north in Canada it was interesting to see the similarities in ingredients.  Two of the entries are sandwiches, and two entries share potatoes as ingredients.  I’d like to thank all three of the entrants for taking the time to come up with a special MOINK Ball meal for The BBQ Grail.

So, here’s how this is going to work.  Immediately following this post you will find three separate posts from our three MOINK Ball Challenge entries.  Take a look at their MOINK Ball creations and vote for the person who you think deserves the title of 2010 MOINK Ball Challenge Champion.  Voting is done by leaving a “POSITIVE” comment on the entry you choose.  (NOTE:  Negative comments will be deleted, no trashing is allowed)

Also, here are the direct links to the three blog posts:

Michael Baxter’s Southern MOINK & Mash Pannini

Wilfred Reinke’s MOINK Ball Submarine Sandwich

Paul Haight’s MOINK & Ale Pie

Let the voting begin (1 vote per person, per day.  Voting will continue through 9/21/2010)

If your comment doesn’t show up immediately, don’t worry it will show up.  All comments are moderated…

11 Comments on 2010 MOINK Ball Challenge Entries

  1. Donna Sweikow // September 12, 2010 at 2:27 pm //

    Baxter’s MoinkBalls

  2. All the cooks were excellent!

    I have to go with Paul’s MOINK Pie! Even though I just ate way too much for dinner, I wanted to make room for some of that!

  3. Thanks For putting this contest together Larry, Surprised at the low number of entrants, but both of the others look like great recipes

  4. Sounds great! I can’t wait to try one (or two).I go with Baxter’s MOINK balls.

  5. Fun to find another BBQ site with plenty of interaction.

  6. I’d have to say No Excuses BBQ looks very tasty to me.

  7. No Excuses BBQ has my vote. Very creative and it looks awesome !!!

  8. They all look great, but….

  9. Paul’s MOINK and Ale pie without a question.

  10. Hey Larry, these all look pretty good. Just my humble opinion, and no disrespect to the entrants, but one stands out from the all others to me. The MOINK and Ale Pie sure does seem to have taken more preparation, is very detailed to help us understand the rules, and has great pics with easy to follow instructions and recipe. For these reasons, my vote has to go to Paul’s entry.

  11. The pie looks great, I’ll have a slice of that!!

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