The 101 BBQ Joints To Eat At Before You Die


I’m looking for the 101 BBQ joints that everyone should try and dine at before they die.  Do you have a favorite BBQ joint? I’m talking about the one or two places that you turn to with some regularity.  Now is your chance to let the world know about your love for this place.  This isn’t a contest, there are no winners.  This is just a fun exercise in spreading the good word about great BBQ joints.

You get to decide what a “joint” is, that’s up to you.  At the end of June a panel of some of my BBQ blogger friends will choose the the best 101 BBQ Joints To Eat Out Before You Die and we’ll send them a certificate. Nomination is easy.  All you need to do is a leave a comment on this blog post.  Tell use what is so special about the restaurant. Is it the food or is it the atmosphere?

It’s going to take more than a sentence or two about your favorite BBQ joint to make the list.  We’re going to need some detail.  You’re writing a review that should capture everything about what makes your joint worthy of making the list.  Don’t let them down by just writing a word or two.  If their BBQ is so good you need to tell us why.  What about the service?  What about the atmosphere?  Let us know all about it.

Make sure you include, at a minimum, the follow:

  • Name of the BBQ Joint
  • City and State where the joint is located

Let the fun begin!

NOTE: All blog comments are moderated.  If they don’t show up immediately it’s because they have not been approved yet.  Don’t worry, they’ll show up within a couple of hours.

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57 Comments on The 101 BBQ Joints To Eat At Before You Die

  1. Tracie Norfleet // April 23, 2013 at 9:34 pm //

    I am putting in my vote for Dreamland Tuscaloosa. Old school. White bread and a roll of paper towels. Only recently added sides.

    Havent been to Kreuz Market but I wouldn’t object if someone with more experience reccoe’d them.

    I live in LA so it’s tough to compete.

  2. nlwreeds // April 23, 2013 at 9:52 pm //

    I highly recommend a relatively new place located in Milliken, CO called Rubbin Butz. The pit master is seasoned, he’s won competitions. He uses hickory wood and all of his items; pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, sausage, and St. Louis style ribs are delicately smoked.

    They make all of their own sauces; a nice variety for all tastes.

    The pit master’s wife is the rest of his team. She is an accomplished chef making the rolls used with their sandwiches, wonderful desserts and awesome green chili (a staple in Colorado and used to good advantage in their brisket and bacon breakfast burritos). Together, they make a great team, providing our small town with a great BBQ joint that also provides a diner experience for breakfast.

  3. Bo Compton // April 23, 2013 at 10:05 pm //

    Chubby Hubby’s BBQ
    Mesa, AZ

    Without a doubt the best sit-down joint in the Phoenix Valley! Pretty new, open less than a year. Burnt Ends available but go quickly.

  4. Sauced in Livermore get the burnt ends they are to die for, the wings are great too and nachos are off the hook! The aroma of meat smoking when you go to the restroom feels like you can actually taste the meat. Great drinks also select from several served in mason jars.

  5. Stuart Wood // April 24, 2013 at 3:47 am //

    Lamb ribs, simply rubbed with salt and slow cooked on the side of the braai. Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

  6. The Barbeque Exchange in Gordonsville, VA, ALWAYS a line out the door! They have a fantastic sauce aptly named Col. Bacon. The service is beyond friendly and the food is the BEST! The brunswick stew is great and the pulled pork is hard to beat.

  7. Smokin Out in Holiday, Florida. Best ribs I’ve ever had. Everything is good there and they also do some incredible Smoked Fish.

  8. the Hog Shack Cook House in Richmond, British Columbia CANADA
    Yes Canada!
    We do great BBQ here and the Hog Shack kills it, every single time!
    John Lim Hing is the proprietor & pit master – heck of a nice guy and a fantastic cook!

  9. MUST include 17th St. Bar and Grill in Murphysboro, IL! The house that The Legend built!

    • Yep, 17th Street is a famous place. I hope someone writes another review/comment that really spells it out. It would be a shame for them not to make the list.

  10. The Ranch House BBQ outside of Olympia, WA is definitely a must. When you first walk in there are trophies and awards everywhere (these are not little league baseball trophies!). They are all BBQ! There is even the world championship trophy! That should tell you something! Then you sit down and indulge in some of THE BEST BBQ anywhere. The pork ribs are to die for!

    • Shane,
      Ranch House BBQ is a good choice. Last time I was in Olympia, visiting family, I made the drive out to their place. Excellent BBQ.

  11. Jesse Black // April 24, 2013 at 1:03 pm //

    For me it doesn’t get any better than La Barbecue, Austin, TX. Imagine an empty lot – where a restaurant used to be – and that’s La Barbecue. Owned an operated by LeAnn Meuller, it’s the best place in Austin for brisket, beef ribs and pulled pork. Don’t ask for mac n’ cheese, cause they don’t have it. It’s everything BBQ should be. Served outdoors on picnic tables, sitting next to strangers, and FREE BEER on Sundays! Opens at 11am and closes when there’s no meat left. What’s better than that?

  12. If there is on place in KC that has it all it is Oklahoma Joe’s. Three locations all on the Kansas side of the state line. Joe’s does well running out of a gas station in Kansas City, a strip mall in middle class Olathe, KS and a free standing building in ritzy Leawood, KS. Joe’s is not famous for 1 thing because they do everything well. Moist brisket, succulent pulled pork and tender ribs and chicken and their signature sandwich, The Z-Man, is the stuff BBQ dreams are made of. Not only do they do traditional bbq fair well, in winter we a treated to Red Hog Chili (no beans in that), smoked salmon for lent and a I personally stop there just for the smoked chicken and sausage gumbo. There is always a line out the door, but it moves fast thanks to a well trained crew behind the counter. Oklahoma Joe’s is the total package.

  13. For me, it’s one very small unique place in Odessa, TX – the BBQ Barn. It’s owned and operated by 2 older ladies of (German?) descent – they do it all, stoke the mesquite fire, rub the meat, serve the customers. It’s tiny but they make fantastic BBQ. From 2008 to 2010 I travelled to Texas quite a bit and ate at this little joint at least 20 times. Amazing food, prepared with care, by 2 of the nicest people I’ve met in BBQ. Spare ribs were always moist, smokey, peppery, porky, delicious. The massive briskets they throw up on the cutting board just drip with juice with every slice. It’s a place in the middle of nowhere what would be worth the drive from anywhere.

    Oh – and I will second Angie’s suggestion above about Hog Shack in Richmond, BC. I am amazed by the fact that every time I eat there, they blow me away with the quality of their ‘Que. And every time I go, I try it all.

  14. Firehead Thomas Gately // April 24, 2013 at 3:12 pm //

    The Best BBQ I have had in TX comes from a food trailer near Austin, TX called HALL OF FLAME BBQ!! Their home base is located in the Pflugerville Food Ranch, off if I-35. I’ve been to Franklin’s, Black’s, Salt Lick, Rudys, and many of the other well known joints in the Austin area, but HoF is Austin’s best kept secret (but not for long). They are doing the most tender, perfectly smoked dinosaur beef rib you could possibly imagine. It simply puts the one over at Black’s in Lockhart to shame. Their brisket and pork ribs are top of the class as well. What else you ask? How about over a dozen of the best BBQ sauces I have ever had, from pineapple, to apple jalapeno, to mango habanero…they are all home runs! If it’s big fat sandwiches you crave, they’ve got a full line of culinary rock stars, like the “Steve Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble”, the “Chuck Berry” or the “Smokey Robinson”. These guys are doing it up right, you MUST check them out the next time you are rolling down I-35 between Round Rock and Austin. Find them online at

  15. The Rum Boogie Cafe in Memphis, TN was simply the best ribs I have ever had in my life. My friend and I were traveling through and we were told to check out The Rendezvous for best in BBQ. Well we were there on Sunday and I can’t believe they were closed. So we went towards Beale Street and we sniffed out the best of smell which led us to the Rum Boogie Cafe. I felt like a cartoon character floating in the air towards the piglicious smokey scent. My friend went for the BBQ chicken, but once he sampled one of my ribs, he knew he made the wrong choice even if he really loved his BBQ chicken too. The ribs were moist, succulent and the sauce was sweet, sticky and thing of dreams. If they had bottled their BBQ sauce I would’ve bought it right there on the spot.

    Well we still had 1 more day in Memphis before we had to leave, and wanted to compare the Rendezvous to our great experience at the Rum Boogie Cafe, but they were closed on Mondays too! Something I missed the first time. Even though we were pissed off, my friend and I were all over the thought of having the Rum Boogie Cafe one more time. Just as good the 2nd time around folks!

  16. Hey Larry! There’s a local place here in the Auburndale Florida area called Peeble’s BBQ. It’s been around since the late 1940s. “Peebles Bar-B-Que was started in 1947 by Elle and Gladys Peebles. Mr. Peebles drove a school bus and started his small business on the side. The small side job turned into a major landmark in no time. He was soon joined by his two sons to help run the restaurant that had grown incredibly. Later after Mr. Peebles had left the business to his two sons, Dale Strickland married Mr. Peebles youngest daughter Marsha Peebles. Soon after they were married, Mr. Strickland joined the two brothers in the Bar-B-Que business. Mr. and Mrs. Strickland are the current owners and operators today.”

    441 Old Dixie Hwy
    Auburndale,Fl 33823
    Open Thurs – Saturday 11am-9pm
    Closed July and August

  17. Frank Lombardo // April 25, 2013 at 9:20 am //

    Cental BBQ in Memphis! 2 locations, my favorite is on Central Ave, you gotta do the BBQ Nachos!

  18. James P. // April 25, 2013 at 9:23 am //

    I couldn’t agree more with Jesse Black. Hands down probably the best BBQ in Austin,TX. can be found at La Barbecue. From the atmosphere to the service to the food. You’ll find the best brisket this side of the tracks here. Not to mention the best damn turkey sammich around. The Pit Master John Lewis is not only an amazing cook but will sit and mingle with just about anyone. The beef ribs are the best I’ve ever had. I make it a point to stop in once a week. It’s so good I literally snuck out of work last week just to get a lil Q. It’s a MUST, you gotta check this place out!

  19. Drew Edwards // April 25, 2013 at 10:37 am //


    • Thanks Drew. This comment isn’t likely to get the judges to consider them for the list though. How about elaborating?

  20. Pappy’s BBQ 3106 Olive St St Louis, MO 63103 (314) 535-4340.. There is a reason that there are people lining up everyday, 20-30 minutes before they open the doors…. By lunch time, the lines wraps through the restaurant, out the back door, and into the parking lot. a distance of about,I guess, at 100 feet…Locals, Politicians, PD, Food Celebs, all get treated the same, wait in the same line,… The ribs they serve, are the best restaurant ribs I’ve had in the over 150 BBQ places I’ve been to in the last 3-4 years..Their pulled pork, brisket, and other offerings are also in the top tier of BBQ restaurants

  21. Britt Slocum // April 25, 2013 at 11:24 am //

    I nominate Lockhart’s BBQ in Royal Oak Michigan. I try to get in there every time I get to the Northern Detroit area.
    Their pit-master, Steve “Bubba” Coddington has perfected brisket, chicken and ribs in an all-wood smoker. He does this riff on a shepard’s pie with brisket that is truly out of this world. Their sausages are worth the drive alone. Lockhart’s has only been around since 2010, but I can sense the passion for true ‘Q with every piece of meat I’ve ever had there.
    Also, and I know I’m getting to the ramble stage here, are the sauces. The mustard is to die for right along with the hot bbq sauce.

  22. John "Shady" Sweeney // April 25, 2013 at 11:52 am //

    Lockhart’s BBQ Restaurant located in the up-scale neighborhood of Royal Oak, MI is my nomination for top BBQ joint!

    Second to the food, the atmosphere in a restaurant is very important, which is obvious because you have to sit down and enjoy your meal right? Well, at Lockhart’s BBQ of Royal Oak, Michigan, they did a great job of combining both the family aspect of barbecue, with the atmosphere of having a place to enjoy sports with your friends. All the “shared and community tables” add to this.
    What makes a great barbecue restaurant rib, great is the amount of bark on the top, with a bit of heat and the meat having a little tug before they fall off the bone. This is what you get at Lockhart’s BBQ, a great traditional barbecued rib. The amount of their rub was just perfect which provided a bit of heat but not over powering, it is just perfect! After eating the ribs, it made me want to go the counter and buy a jar of their rub, but the Pit Master “Bubba” keeps that secret well hidden.
    If I had to rank my favorite types of barbecue meats to eat at Lockhart’s, Brisket would be ranked a very close second to either pulled pork and ribs, so look forward to trying the brisket. I know that Bubba loves to smoke brisket because he claims it; he’s quoted as saying “I cook the best brisket north of Dallas.” I love to make brisket and also love to eat good quality brisket so this added to my excitement and I wasn’t disappointed. The brisket is so moist and really enjoyable to eat. You can see all the nice meat juices right on your tray and it makes you want to eat more than what was on your plate, and what topped it off was that since the brisket was so moist it really didn’t need any barbecue sauce, actually you can eat the brisket without and you will be more than happy.
    The pulled pork texture is perfect and also nice and moist. If you want to make it even more amazing I would suggest adding some sweet barbecue sauce located right on your table. Lockhart’s offers four different sauces to choose from.
    The Lockhart’s guys & gals do a great job in making barbecue food appealing to not only the barbecue lovers like me but to the “average” family. Not only is the food amazing and true to barbecue, the dining atmosphere was a place where I can see myself spending countless hours during the weekend watching the latest baseball game or even football game during the fall. Lockhart’s is open and inviting and carries the vision of a true barbecue experience.

  23. Stanley’s Famous Pit Barbecue in Tyler, TX is outstanding in every possible way that makes Q great. This is what a joint is all about in my opinion. Great Texas Q without the trendy hipster Austin folk (the lines are long, but not Franklin long). Old school meat on paper serving method. A little bit of a hybrid style of central (great fatty brisket) and east TX flavor profiles (best sweet back note I have ever had in pulled pork – nothing like Carolina pork though). Outstanding ribs, sausage, hot links and turkey. The sides are typical TX sides but in my opinion a little bit more flavorful than most (especially the slaw). Homemade banana pudding with wafers is as good as any of the places around (and they pretty much all do it in these parts). Atmosphere is a little bit cool dive bar/club (they do live music too) and BBQ diner at the same time. It is in a beat down part of town with a terrible street parking lot that makes you afraid to back out of your spot and happy to have found one (and not had to walk from the extra space up the street) at the same time. Like I said before, this place just DEFINES a joint. Worth the 2.5 hours it takes me to get to “middle of nowhere TX .”

    As for Austin (and surounding areas), I would say go to Franklin just for the experience of waiting half the day in line in the TX sun, go to Lockhart and try ‘em all, hit Salt Lick in Driftwood to see the pit and go to John Mueller Meat Co. to see the guy who taught Franklin and got kicked out of his own restaurant by his sister before she renamed it La BBQ

  24. I recommend:

    Jim and Nick’s
    6415 Atlanta Highway
    Montgomery, Al 36117

    Outstanding beer selection. All three meats were great. The mac and cheese is killer, as well as the greens, and the white sauce is to die for…

  25. David Henderson // April 25, 2013 at 11:14 pm //

    I would have to nominate BIG BOB GIBSONS-DECATUR AL.As a resident myself and a competitive bbq cook I have tasted a lot of bbq at a lot of places,and most bbq is known by regions whether it be,kansas,carolina,texas,memphis.But you never here Alabama or southern bbq,whats up ? So I’d like to nominate a place that has def. put al. on the bbq map and the people behind it.Some real southern bbq that’s definitely gonna leave its mark on your tastebuds…………………BBQDAVE.

    • Greg Mullins // May 2, 2013 at 5:44 am //

      Another vote for Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur. The smoked chicken with the white BBQ sauce is something everyone who claims to be a BBQ connoisseur should try once before they leave this earth.

  26. Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ
    Van Nuys, CA

    Amazing Brisket!

  27. Cb Snider // April 27, 2013 at 7:07 am //

    Smokey D’s in Des Moines, Iowa, is a Great place to stop, if your traveling through on I 80, through town. The Q is always very plentiful, good tasting, and served very timely!! I’m my own worst critic when it comes to BBQ, and I hope Smokey D’s makes the cut!!

  28. Tom Koenig // April 28, 2013 at 3:14 am //

    Shotgun Pete’s BBQ Shack
    28 N Ninth St
    Columbia, Missouri 65201
    (573) 442-7878

    Pulled Pork Sundae’ with potato salad is to die for!

  29. Cindy Baker // April 28, 2013 at 4:52 am //

    Shotgun Pete’s – Columbia, MO

    It is the only BBQ I have ever craved. The smoke outside and are only open if the weather is good. Worth the trip.

    • Connor Hollrah // May 1, 2013 at 12:49 am //

      Agree with Shotgun Pete’s. The most incredible part is the price along with how great it tastes.

      My favorite is the BBQ Nachos with rib tips topped with tomatoes, onions, jalepenos, tomatoes and salsa, with some spicy texas BBQ sauce. About 2 lbs for $10.

      Or you can go with the Pulled pork sandwich meal with 2 sides and a drink for $8

  30. Memphis Barbecue Co. in Horn Lake MS and Fayetteville NC, the only barbecue restaurant to feature two world champion pit masters – John David Wheeler of Natural Born Grillers and Melissa Cookston of Yazoos Delta Q.

  31. Shotgun Pete’s BBQ Shack, Columbia, MO.

    I don’t like BBQ, as a rule, but I will eat the Hell out of some Shotgun Pete’s. Their BBQ Sundae (pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, with a grape tomato on top) is excellent– I will confess to licking the sauce off of my cup when I’m done.

  32. Shotgun Pete’s
    Columbia Missouri.
    The owner of this place is very nice and creates some awesome Barbecue.

  33. Kim E. // May 1, 2013 at 4:33 am //

    Shotgun Pete’s BBQ Shack in Columbia, MO :)

  34. Napully // May 1, 2013 at 4:54 am //

    I have to nominate Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue.
    1119 N Blvd Richmond, VA 23230

    The ribs are bomb diggity. Cued with a dry rub and then finished with a SLIGHT amount of sauce caramelized over flame. The meat needs no help to get down. They also have seasonal specials incorporating their delicious meats, e.g., Brunswick stew and rib tip chili. I cannot speak for the brisket because the ribs are SO GOOD that I would never want to eat anything else. They rocked Bobby Flay on his silly show.

  35. Stephen // May 1, 2013 at 10:36 pm //

    Q Company in Leesburg, VA. Excellent pulled pork and supreme brisket, on par with the Texas joints!

  36. Greg Mullins // May 2, 2013 at 6:22 am //

    Ronnie’s Ice House Barbeque
    211 U.S. 281, Johnson City, TX
    (830) 868-7553 ‎

    Staying in San Antonio on vacation and went there due to a positive BBQ blog review (Man Up Texas BBQ maybe). This place is an old country store type deal and authentic as they come. There are no gas fired cookers here, just rustic BBQ pits under the lean to on the south side of the building. Ronnie still does all the cooking himself. He cooks a certain amount and when it’s gone there is no more until the next day. Brisket was outstanding, smoked chicken was excellent, chopped beef fantastic, all the sides were equally good. I’m not a fan of spare ribs, always preferred baby backs. Ronnie gave me a sample – the best spare ribs I have had, bar none. My wife and oldest son complained the whole 1 1/2 hour trip from San Antonio to Johnson City. They agreed it was well worth the trip on the ride back. Make sure you try the sauerkraut salad.

  37. Rick Brizendine // May 2, 2013 at 8:09 am //

    Moonlite BBQ
    2840 W Parrish Ave
    Owensboro, KY 42301
    (270) 684-8143

    Moonlite and I have both been around since 1963, and for as long as I can remember it has always stayed very busy. Moonlite has a throwback feel to it with very little changes over the years. Their buffet has some of the best side items, burgoo, and desserts you will find anywhere. While their BBQ is very good its not the best in town and I will nominate that place shortly. Moonlite’s buffet has a wide selection to choose from and you get a chance to try all types of their BBQed meats. Mutton, pork or beef to go along with chicken, fish and ribs. Their burgoo is some of the best around. If you are looking to chow down and get to sample a wide variety, then Moonlite is your place…..if not then go right up the street to…….

    Old Hickory Pit BBQ
    338 Washington Ave
    Owensboro, KY 42301
    (270) 926-9000

    Outstanding BBQ and pretty good sides and desserts. If you arent into a BBQ overload mood or just want some top notch BBQ meat then you should choose Old Hickory. Great ribs, mutton, pork, beef and chicken. Their burgoo is good as is their sides, but not as good as Moonlites. Just gotta pick your battles and you wont go wrong either way. Old Hickory does go a little skimpy on their portions at times.

  38. Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, TX. My wife and I have made two cross country BBQ trips and we finally made it to Snow’s this last Spring. After our first bite of pork rib we both stopped and said “This is it!”. It is another one of those few places that only opens one day a week (Saturday at 08:00am) and only stays open until they run out. All of their meats, ribs, brisket, sausage and chicken are absolutey delicious. The homemade beans are free and they also have great potato salad and slaw. I got to meet owner, Kerry Bexley and Pit Master, Ms. Tootsie Tomanetz and they were the most genuine wonderful folks you’d ever want to meet. The staff inside the small BBQ joint were so helpful and genuinely interested in our BBQ tour. We had been to Franklin’s the day before and I thought his was one of the best but Snow’s kicks everyone’s butt. It’s a drive from Austin but well worth it.
    Snow’s BBQ, LLC.
    516 Main Street
    Lexington, TX 78947
    Phone: (979) 773-4640 or
    (979) 542-8189

  39. Pete Benac // May 3, 2013 at 2:01 pm //

    Big Bob Gibson’s Decatur, Alabama
    Q Barbecue, Richmond, Va
    Dinosaur BBQ, Syracuse, NY

    • BBQGrail // May 3, 2013 at 4:54 pm //

      Those are great suggestions. How about telling us why they are on your list?

  40. Slim Lynam // May 3, 2013 at 2:10 pm //

    Jimmy’s BBQ
    Boone, IA

    Excellent bbq and priced right.

  41. B’s BBQ in Greenville North Carolina. Been doing it since the 70′s. Cook on whole hogs on live fire. Don’t judge it from it looks, or the creaking of the floors. They don’t take Credit Card, cause there is no phone line. Get there early, cause when it’s gone…it’s gone!

  42. Christina Lindsey // May 21, 2013 at 6:19 pm //

    Shotgun Pete’s BBQ Shack – 28 N Ninth St, Columbia, Missouri 65201

    Shotgun Pete’s is one of the best BBQ places I have had. I always to go for the pulled pork sandwich. Normally I go for the brisket or ribs in a BBQ joint but I absolutely love the pulled pork here. It is always tender and the flavor is wonderful. The BBQ nachos are also great and fun to share with the group. The sauces Shotgun Pete’s offers are really outstanding and really add to your meal. It’s great to have the variety that you have on your sauce.

    The best part about Shotgun Pete’s (outside of the amazing food) is the owner and the employees. Everyone is always friendly and the owner puts a lot of effort into promoting his food and his restaurant. The effort he puts into his business makes me want to stop in there that much more. We are lucky to have such an awesome BBQ place here in Columbia.

  43. Ben Trunnell // June 2, 2013 at 12:31 pm //

    Shotgun Pete’s in Columbia, MO has the best ribs and brisket in the world. Everyone else on this planet trying to make the best ribs and brisket are doing it wrong. Some day I will try the pulled pork and the chicken. I have no idea how many times I have eaten there but, I can’t move past the ribs and brisket.

    Their product is consistent and served in a very comfortable room across from Blue Note downtown. The service at the counter is fairly fast paced. While waiting a brief moment for my foot and a half wide pan of bbq, I am presented with several homemade sauce options (if in the mood for that sort of thing). The ribs do not require sauce but their KC style is nice on the brisket on bun. They have a nice seating selection indoors and out on their patio. Every bbq joint should have a patio and 20 different beers.

    I am originally from KC and have always had to make that 2 hour trip to find good bbq. Now we have the best right here in Columbia, MO!

  44. Shotgun Pete’s
    Columbia, MO

    Have had the pulled pork sandwich topped with slaw and also the ribs. Both were fantastic! The BBQ beans are not to be missed. This is a great little place in Columbia, easy to get to and better parking options that most places downtown. The owner was very nice to stop by our table to chat, I could tell he eats, sleeps and breathes his business. Staff is friendly and service is very quick. Meats are very tender and taste delicious, there are several great sauces to choose from. We are thrilled with Shotgun Pete’s and will plan to take our friends and family there when they come to town.

  45. Lonnie Rays in Harrisburg Missouri is the best BBQ place I have been. I tried Pappy’s in St. Louis because of all the hype and I was disappointed. Pappy’s is good, don’t get me wrong, but the brisket at Lonnie Rays is worth the trip.

    The building isn’t very big, and they do run out of food because they don’t let it sit around for days. Their menu is always changing and they rotate out a few oddball concoctions that are always worth a try.

    • Lonnie Rays BBQ
      81 E Sexton St, Harrisburg, MO 65256

      Adding their official webpage.

      The brisket really is amazing at Lonnie Rays and I haven’t enjoyed any brisket anywhere since having theirs. The website has a picture of someone holding the brisket and you can see the thick cut which allows you to keep a lot of the rub and spices smothered on the outside. Their sides named mac daddy and flake out are also amazing and both are smoked. Sweet Potato fries are also out done there with lots of extra brown sugar. My favorite is the combo sandwich that has both pulled pork and brisket. If you are able to eat all of it you better have time to take a nap or be ready to skip your next meal because it is a massive amount of food.

      If for some reason you were not filled up by the meal, or just want to take something sweet home they have some home made desserts that melt in your mouth. If you like gooey butter cake or have never heard of it, you have to try theirs.

      There’s a couple videos on youtube about them too. One of them shows how he makes his Gee Wilikers smoked bologna sandwich and it shows the brisket too.

  46. SEERious Smoke Team // June 4, 2013 at 2:17 pm //

    Bad Bones BBQ in Minoquoa, WI (technically Arbor Vitae) is the best of the best. We’ve taken numerous vactations throughout the country to eat BBQ and this is the real deal!!!!! Now it’s a 300 mile drive for us, but we do make the day trip every so often it’s that great!

  47. Bad Bones BBQ is hands down the best meal I’ve ever had, every single time I eat there. The new location is amazing overlooking a gorgeous lake. You to cant beat it! Brisket is perfect, ribs out of this world, and pulled pork is addicting. Sauces are unreal. To my delight Poutine was added to the menu and it is the real deal. The owners are fun and friendly and so passionate about BBQ. I still can not believe its in Minocqua (Arbor Vitae/Woodruff) Wisconsin!

  48. I have to recommend Smoque BBQ in Chicago, IL. It is just a hole in the wall, but it is always crowded. I especially recommend the brisket. I was particularly impressed with the organization of the staff. They were very organized and friendly. I still recommend that you do take out. The sides are ok (my husband loves the chili with brisket), but the reason for going there is the meat and sauce. Give it a try.

  49. Shotgun Pete’s BBQ Shack – 28 N Ninth St, Columbia, Missouri 65201

    I am biased because the owner is my big brother. You will not find a finer bbq anywhere, he learned from my dad and then just kept on going to where he is now. The pulled pork is to die for, the sauces …you can’t get better and the beans just the best!!! The only thing wrong is that he is over 900 miles away from me!!!

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