Memphis In May #9: John Stage

I’ve had some great thrills here at Memphis In May and one of the best ones was getting to meet Chef John Stage.  Chef Stage may not be as well known on the BBQ competition circuit as others but to me he’s a rock star.  John is the owner of Dinosaur BBQ.  Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester, New York is the best BBQ restaurant I’ve ever eaten on.

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  1. WOW one of the Origjnal Dons/Bosses of our trade. Dave Klose first told me about this guy. Told me I would never forget the name, and I haven’t.

  2. He’s definitely on my list to try the next time I get out that way. Great photo, Larry!

  3. Frank Gelman // August 24, 2010 at 3:50 am //

    John Stage is one of the most quality concious and hospitality earnest restauranteurs there is. Ask most of the senior people how long they have been with him and a dozen years or more is typical. Even among his waitstaff, they have been at one of his three joints (soon to be four) for more than a decade. Stage is the bottom line at all his places and I’ve seen his gloves up to his elbows in pulled pork or in the pits. He is also simply a great guy who talks ill of no one.

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