Memphis In May #16: Where Were The Freaks At Graceland?

Knowing that I risk the wrath of the Elvis faithful, let me honest and upfront with something.  I just don’t get Elvis Presley.   I can now say that after spending three hours at Graceland I get Elvis better than I did before.   And before all you Elvis fans start firing off “comments” to me I will say that after the tour and seeing all the great things Elvis did outside of music and movies there is a much higher level of admiration than there was before the tour.

I have to admit the Elvis music I’ve heard has been good, but nothing that would lead me to the level of fanaticism that I’ve seen over the year.  What I did glean from walking around was that the best of Elvis’ music may not have been the songs he is most famous for.  I did come away from the tour appreciating his “voice” much more than I did before walking the grounds at Graceland.

My expectation of Graceland was far different than what Graceland actually was.  I had expectations of seeing lots of oddities during my tour.  Not the actual tour but with the other tour participants.  I expected, and if I’m honest I had hoped, to see lots of crazy Elvis hair, sunglasses, capes and spandex.  You know something along the lines of a Star Trek convention but with Elvis fans instead of Mr. Spock fans.  But I didn’t see one…not one … Elvis impersonator.  Instead I witnessed a deep seated love for a man, singer and movie star.  They weren’t strange at all.

I guess I’m going to need to find the time to learn more about Elvis Presley.  Listen to some music and maybe I can better understand what it all means.  And Elvis had to be a good guy.  He had one of these:

If you’d like to see more of my pictures of Graceland please visit my Photo Gallery.  (The pictures are not all labeled or tagged yet but you can still see them.)

5 Comments on Memphis In May #16: Where Were The Freaks At Graceland?

  1. landarc // May 23, 2010 at 2:32 pm //

    Elvis sang gospel, and he sang it well.

  2. chambers // May 23, 2010 at 2:49 pm //

    Cool article. Missed you at the Dells BBQ Bash, though :)

  3. There are plenty of freaks that visit Graceland, I think that is part of it’s charm. I guess you just went on an “off” day. You just need to make your own freak sometimes Larry.
    I loved my visit to Graceland although it wasn’t quite what I was expecting – it was really a glorified gift shop but I am SO glad I did it, it’s off “the list” and I can move on to other things. I could have totally lived without the peanut butter and banana sandwich in the cafe…it was $3 and I had to do it. Live & learn.
    Next stop Dollywood !

  4. I’ve lived in Memphis since 1976 and still have never been inside Graceland. I did however go to “Vigil Night” during Death Week with a friend who was doing a photo shoot once. Oh my.

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