Blast From The Past: Grillin' N' Chillin'

For some reason I was thinking about Bobby Flay recently.  I don’t really know why but I was.  On those rare occasions when I think about Bobby Flay I think back to the early days of the Food Network.  One of the first shows to become really popular, besides everything Emeril touched, was “Grillin’ N Chillin.”

The show debut in 1996 on the Food Network and to this day it is still one of my favorite shows ever produced on the network. The format was perfect, a few quests sitting around watching and talking to Bobby Flay and co-host Jack McDavid emulated the backyard cookout atmosphere we all hope to have when guests come over.

Unlike many of the so-called cooking shows on the Food Network today, Bobby and Jack actually showed you how to cook the food.  The format was comfortable without being cutesy.  No “spice fairies” or faux BBQ, just a little bit of fun and lots of cooking.  Thank goodness the Cooking Channel is bringing back the “cooking show” again.  Maybe they’ll start showing old “Grillin N Chillin” episodes at night.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Anyway, I found some Grillin N Chillin recipes in my archive so I thought I would publish them for you.  Just like the show, they are nothing fancy.  No fancy ingredients…they don’t have even have cute names.  Just good solid flavors that will allow you to show off to friends and family.  I’ll add more as time goes on so check back every so often.

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