An Amazing BBQ Pit From Across The Pond!

World MOINK Ball Day 2011 was a huge success.  The gang at the Dutch BBQ Forum did a great job of organizing this great event.  I am forever in their debt for helping make MOINK Balls an international BBQ phenomena.  This year, though, I got a special treat.  A.C. Duym was one of the guys who sent me pictures of his MOINK Balls.

I have to admit though I was more interested in his handcrafted mobile BBQ pit.  Just from the one little picture I knew this pit was something I had to explore more.  I mentioned in my blog post was an amazing looking pit it was and A.C. was kind enough to send me more pictures of the build along with permission to publish them here.

Here’s A.C.’s email with written details.  (I made minimal changes but did add some conversions which are in parenthesis)  If you have any questions or comments for A.C. how about leaving them here and I’m sure he’ll answer.

Hello Larry,

We are very honoured that you would like some information and a short story of how the pit was made.

We started last October, with lots of ideas and of course lots of material.  The idea was that it should become a double tubed pit, one side a reverse flow system, and the other tube an offset smoker.

We cut all the iron work (the double coal-burning box) and all the other material and then the welding, measuring, thinking and having fun started.

We started in October and every Saturday we spent around 4 hours on constructing, and 2 hours on bbq’ing and having fun.  It was a very fine way of spending a weekend after a week of hard work (I am a police detective sergeant and my friend has his own industrial cleaning company.  He is very handy too, he has made a remote-controlled robot for inspecting and repairing sewers all by himself)

As you can see on all the pics it started with 2 old gas tubes, each around 1.30 meters (4.3 feet) long and 45 cm (1.5 feet) in diameter.  As you can see the doors also open downside instead of upside and in the offset side there is a sliding platform.  Each tube also has a small entry and the standing tube on the offset side is about 6 feet high so we needed to make a ladder.  Also very handy for the chimney.

The idea of adding a sitting/standing table started while making the BBQ. The framework was also given shape while working, so no plans or drawings, improvised, but with care and very accurate.

In march we could bring it outside for the first time and a few weeks ago the final welding and painting was done.  Now we are adding the last details…but this weekend we work for our meat sponsor on the ribs and blues festival in Raalte. We will serve around 500 kg (1,100 lbs) of spare ribs and 1500 blues balls ( inspired by the MOINK balls.

Here are some of the pictures A.C. sent to me.  I don’t know a lot about welding, okay I know nothing about welding, but I can tell first-rate craftsmanship when I see it.  The dual chambers with one side being reverse flow is really different.  And the built-in picnic table is sheer genius.  I hope you enjoy looking at this pit as much as I do.










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  1. See this puppy in smokin’ action at NKBBQ2011: Dutch National BBQ Championships, 2 & 3 July 2011 in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

  2. That is a sweet rig, I’m glad you followed up with the pictures. Offset on one side, reverse flow on the other – it’s a double threat.

  3. Hello all…

    today the pit got its first job on the Ribs en Blues festival in Raalte, Holland.

    it works more then expected…temperature is very well to handle..and there is

    plenty of working space… Of course a festival is different then slow cooking but

    we have taken many compliments and lots of pictures were taken. And also lots

    of enthousiastic bbq fans who wanted to know more about the project.

    We keep you posted..and if there are any questions..let us now :)

    Kees and Theo

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