Cooking over high direct heat whether on a gas grill or a charcoal grill is a fantastic way to get fantastic flavor out of just about any food.

Regional BBQ Styles: Australia

September 27, 2012

Grail Note: I started the Regional BBQ Style series thinking I would get through Texas, Memphis, Kansas City and Carolina and be done. Sometimes though plans change.  Being [...]

Regional BBQ Styles: Saint Louis

August 29, 2012

Kevin Haberberger is a member of the award winning Slabs a’ Smokin competition BBQ team and the author of Extraordinary BBQ.  Kevin was proud enough of St. Louis style [...]

Tilapia Foil Packets on the Grill

August 26, 2012

During the time I was a Scoutmaster for a wonderful Boy Scout troop I loved to make foil wrapped dinners during out monthly camp outs.  I could wrap up the various meats and [...]

Mixed Grill Sausage Kabobs

July 23, 2012

Recently Johnsonville Sausage asked me to give some of their new products a try to come up with an entry for their Kabob Creations contest.  Sometimes coming up with a grill [...]

Here's A Turkey Burger I'd Eat!

July 6, 2012

One of my favorite meals of the year is always Thanksgiving.  There’s just something about a complete Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  I can’t think of [...]

Johnsonville Brat Burger With Asian Slaw

July 3, 2012

Anyone who reads this blog knows I love pork.  And one of my favorite ways to eat pork is sausage.  It doesn’t matter what kind of pork sausage it is I love it.  So [...]

Grailyaki Kabobs

June 21, 2012

We had some Johnsonville Brats and a few chicken breasts in the refrigerator so I figured some kabobs were a good way to eat them.  A quick run to the grocery store for some [...]

Grilled Cream Corn with Blue Cheese

June 18, 2012

Sometimes I don’t know what comes over me.  Creamed Corn?  I dislike creamed corn a lot. When I was growing up canned creamed corn was a staple on our dining room [...]
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