Did the headline to this blog post catch your attention?  I’m sure it did.  It sure caught my attention when a friend posted this video on my Facebook Wall.  I’ve watched this video about a half-dozen times and I can’t decide whether I’m buying it.  Some of it makes sense.  Do me a favor, please.  Take a look at the video and read the original post on ChefSteps and then leave a comment below with your opinion.


10 thoughts on “There’s No Flavor Difference Between Briquettes, Lump or Gas!

  1. You aren’t going to find anyone more respectful of the science of things than me. That said, I’m not so sure that video has much real science in it, or scientific method, or if it does it’s not shown in under a minute and a half. It says things that aren’t proven, but because they say it’s science we are supposed to just say, “oh, ok it’s science”. While its true ‘carbon is carbon’ some products burn other substances outside of carbon i.e. fillers, petroleum products, etc. that do in fact add additional flavors. I will agree that the drippings add a lot to the flavor (probably more than we usually give it credit for), but I don’t buy the fuel has no effect. It also doesn’t speak to the type of cooker (indirect v direct) (water v. dry), how you are lighting the fuel, preburning v directly throwing, etc. etc. While I’ve found that through small tweaks you can make most fuels come out the same and maybe the difference isn’t as great as we once thought, years of practical experience tells me that its much more complicated than the video makes it out. Richard Lackie Sweet Swine O’ Mine BBQ team.

  2. Heat being heat – I agree. BUT the actionable variable in addition to the fat sizzle smoke adding flavor is any smoke that comes off the briquettes, charcoal, wood. IT is an additional element in the heat/hot air and definitely flavors the meat.

  3. I would have to disagree. Especially in the indirect grilling method..I have cooked on both coal and gas, indirect, both turning out a different taste, call it what they like coal and gas cook different, and they also taste different.

  4. I think the added flavor comes from the byproducts of fuel such as charcoal, etc. But I am just a web site geek.

  5. I don’t know what to think. I’ve both good and bad BBQ off both.
    But I will say that he did a very nice job on the video…
    Wish I could do as well…


  6. We’re going to put this concept to the test this weekend. Grilling ribeyes on the Weber Kettle with Matchlight, A Gas Grill, A Kamado AND a Pellet Grill. 4 different grills same ribeyes from Costco- OH and of course GrillGrates on all 4 grills and we will cook them to same internal and do our best to cook great steaks on all grills. Going to invite to other couples and cook 2 steaks per grill. Stay Tuned! Great post Larry! And Thanks to Dean Sparks for the idea!

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