Review: Cast Iron ManGrates (Part 1)


Recently the folks at ManGrate contacted me on Twitter and asked if I’d like to give their ManGrates a try.  And since, as far as I’m concerned, one of the Holy Grails of grilling is perfect grill marks I just had to say yes.

Of course it’s about more than just grill marks, it’s about flavor.  And there’s nothing like cast iron when it comes to getting the great flavor a good sear gives to piece of meat.

The picture above shows the ManGrates right out of the box, just before turning on the heat to start the seasoning process.

According to their website ManGrate’s cast-iron design utilizes radiant heat – instead of convection heat or “hot air” – searing in the juices but allowing the meats to cook evenly. The smoke rails are the angled ledges on each bar of the ManGrate.

These ledges are designed to trap and retain oils and fats released during grilling, and it’s these juices aid
in the natural smoking process, giving meats a rich, barbequed flavor. They also serve to reduce flair ups.

Here you can see the ledges after they’ve been seasoned.  The first time through with osome lean cuts of steak I wasn’t able to tell if they really made much difference. 

I used the ManGrates on my Char-Broil RED unit.  My impression of the ManGrates was than with in infrared heating process on this particular grill that it took way to long to get them up to a temperature where they would sear the meat.  They may work better on a gas grill with flames directly underneath the grill grates.  I’m going to get the ManGrates another try using my Weber kettle.  Since I’ve been using cast iron grates on the Weber I’ll be able to see just how well they work.

The ManGrates worked as advertised.  You can see the the great grill marks.  It’s hard to get the cross hatch or diamond pattern on normal grill grates and ManGrates give you the presentation you want when grilling up steaks or chops for dinner.

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  1. I always find that the older and more seasoned the grill, the better the taste!

  2. I hadn’t heard of these yet. I agree that cast iron works the best and that searing adds more than just appearance.

  3. WOW! I got a mangrate, I honestly expected it to be bigger, but it works like a charm!!!! I just ordered two more and am turning my friends on to them as well!!!
    I live in Dallas, but I listen to Adam Corrola every day and trusted him to not steer me in the wrong direction.

  4. Greg Danaher // May 26, 2012 at 6:34 pm //

    These things really transformed my Ducane natural gas grill. It came with stamped stainless steel grates that don’t hold heat wery well and allowed definite hot spots and dead areas. Mangrates (I needed 4 to cover most of my grilling surface) take longer to heat, but boy, once they are hot they really hold the heat! Now my grilling surface has a much more even temperature, and the gorgeous grill marks are lovely to look at. There is tons more smoke, but flare-ups are largely eliminated–the grease gutters really work. As advertised, they cook foods beautifully–perfect searing on the outside, moist and evenly cooked on the inside. If you are a serious griller, these grates are an excellent investment.

  5. Estelle Belgio // December 23, 2012 at 5:29 pm //

    I have been using mangrates and will never and I mean never grill without them. No more dry chicken, no more burst of flames blackening the meat. Steaks come out tender and mouth watering. Anyone who grills without them is missing a great barbeque

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