Huwa Reserve Steakburgers Hot Off The Griddle

Cattle from the Huwa Family Ranch are started on grass and finished with a 100% vegetarian grain formula to produce some of the most tender, highly marbled and excellent tasting beef you’ve ever tried. Grains fed to Huwa Reserve cattle are grown right here on the Huwa Family Farm by Brent’s father and brothers, which allows us to guarantee our cattle receive only the most wholesome foods possible.


Huwa Reserve All Natural Beef recently sent me a sample package of their products to try. I’m going to wish I’d never taken a bite.  It’s that good.  This may have been the best “hamburger” I’ve ever eaten, it was that good. This isn’t just any ground beef, its ground round steak and I may never be able to eat “store-bought” hamburger again.  I should know better, the same thing happened to me after I had my first grass-fed, pasture raised pork. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to eat the best.

Huwa-Burgers-1I wrote, recently, about refurbishing my cast iron griddle and the memories I had from using while camping with my Boy Scout troop.  I set up a little “campfire” pit in my backyard and got myself a good bed of coals to heat of my freshly re-seasoned griddle.

Grilled burgers are good, but in my book, there is no better way to cook a burger than on a flat top or cast iron.  The crispy crust you get from cooking a burger on cast iron beats any other method. I’m sure I won’t use my fire pit every time, but I’ll be putting the griddle to good use all the time.

Our main goal is to offer our customers a place to buy high-quality natural beef that they can feel confident about eating.

Huwa-Burgers-3Whenever I grill a good steak all I ever season it with is kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper. Watching someone smother a good steak with sauce or a variety of seasonings just sets my blood to boil.  I figured since this was ground round steak I should use the same thought process, just salt and pepper.  And it was the right choice.

The beef was not as lean as I expected. I’m not really sure what the ratio of meat to fat is. If it’s written on the package or the website I sure didn’t see it.  Don’t get me wrong the beef was not fatty, I was just expecting it be a little leaner.  Besides it’s not a problem because you don’t want lean beef for a hamburger anyway.  Just as in good pork, fat is flavor and the Steakburgers are full of flavor.  And it certainly helped create a nice crispy, melted “cheese skirt.”

I was expecting good flavorful beef.  How could it not be good? But I wasn’t expecting the burger patties to be as good as these were.  Originally, I didn’t have any plans to make this post about the beef, I was just going to write about how fantastic burgers were cooked on cast iron.  However, after the first bite of the burger I realized this post needed to take a different path.  The beef was that good.

This post was the result of a partnership between BBQ Grail Media Group and Huwa Reserve.  The beef was received gratis, the opinions are my own.

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