Chuck Roast And Potatoes. Comfort Food At It's Best!

When it comes to barbecue and grilling two cuts of beef seem to standout far more than any other.  With BBQ it’s brisket and for grilling it’s tri-tip that gets the most press.  But, in my book the chuck roast is under appreciated when it comes to outdoor cooking.  The juicy meatiness of a well smoked chuck roast is something I look forward to.  Normally I just rub the chucky and toss it on the smoker.  A few hours later it’s moist and tender and waiting for any number of treatments.

This time around I decided to do something a little different.  I broke out my favorite cast iron skillet and tossed the seasoned chuck roast in it.  The whole thing went into the smoker for about four hours at 235 degrees.  I used the cast iron skillet so I could keep the drippings for some gravy.  It seemed to work to perfection.

After the four hours of smoke past I put the potatoes and carrots into the skillet and covered the whole thing with foil.  I didn’t want smoked potatoes or carrots, so this method allowed to me keep using the smoker outdoors and not get smoky potatoes.

Everything was cooked until the potatoes were done.  While the meat rested I made up a nice, simple gravy and we were able to chow down on a great dinner.

3 Comments on Chuck Roast And Potatoes. Comfort Food At It's Best!

  1. Looks relaxing enough.

  2. Super good looking meal

  3. I’m just never fully happy with my chuck roasts texture, even when I add braising liquid and foil it. I guess I am used to my wife’s chuck roast which is braised until falling apart.

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