Cast Iron

Cooking with cast iron is a great way to cook foods outdoors. Whether it’s slow cooked in a dutch oven or seared on a hot cast iron skillet you’ll find great recipes and tips.

Apple Pie Tart Cobbler A La Mode

August 14, 2014

Apple Pie Tart Cobbler! I wasn’t sure what to call this dish.  I saw a couple different versions on Pinterest.  Most used peaches and orange soda and although the [...]

Johnsville Brat & Potato Au Gratin

January 13, 2014

As good as a properly grilled brat in a bun along with a good amount of spicy brown mustard and smothered in grilled peppers and onions is, for the sake of my family I [...]

Refurbishing My Cast Iron Griddle

May 10, 2013

Take a look at the well used cast iron griddle above.  Hundreds if not thousands of pancakes got cooked on that griddle.  Some cooked on a propane camp stove and some over [...]

Smoke & Spice by Valerie Aikman-Smith

April 12, 2013

Unlock the secrets of fantastically flavoursome grills with Smoke and Spice. Whether you like your food fiercely hot or prefer gentler aromatic flavours, Valerie Aikman- [...]

Fried Wild Alaska Cod Po’ Boy!

April 11, 2013

I love frying fish in my cast iron skillet.  I don’t like the smell of fried fish in my kitchen though.  This meant, in the past, this meant I didn’t fry fish [...]

Cast Iron Skillet Home Fries

February 16, 2013

Print Cast Iron Skillet Home Fries Author: Hot Off The Grill With Bobby Flay Recipe Type: Side Dish Cuisine: American Serves: 4   Ingredients 3 [...]

How About Apple Pancakes For Breakfast

February 5, 2013

If you’re looking for a nice breakfast that can be cooked at home, outdoors or camping the Apple Pancake is a great way to go. The dish is filling and has a great [...]
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