You Just Can’t Fix Stupid! Wake Up Grillers!

BBQ Grill Erupts Into Flames, 2-Year-Old Boy Badly Burned

A 2-year-old boy was left fighting for his life after he was badly burned during an accident at a Memorial Day barbecue.

Police say the boy was at a family gathering around 2 p.m. Monday at a home on the 200 block of East Hazeldell Avenue in the Minquadale community of New Castle, Del. During the gathering, police say a person used gasoline to start a barbecue grill. The gasoline vapors erupted into flames however and badly burned the young boy who was standing near the grill.

The boy suffered second- and third-degree burns to his face and chest. He was taken to the Crozer Burn Center in Upland, Pa. where he remained in critical but stable condition Tuesday morning, according to Assistant State Fire Marshal Michael Chionchio.

The child wasn’t identified.

No one was charged in the incident.

You-cant-fix-stupidI can’t even big to express how upset I am this morning.  It seems it’s always the children who suffer for the stupidity of adults. It happens every year, usually more than once, that a child is injured because an adult uses gasoline to start a grill.

It just busts my butt to think with all the easy, simple ways to light a grill some people don’t plan for their event and resort to gasoline to start their charcoal. And if that’s not enough stupidity they did it was a boy standing near the grill.  Now a 2 year old’s life has been changed forever.

Look folks it’s not hard to light a grill correctly.  I’ve not used charcoal lighter fluid for 10 years or more.  Get a charcoal chimney.  All you need to light a charcoal chimney is charcoal, newspaper or paper towel and a flame.  Chances are you’ll never be without what you need to properly and safely light your charcoal.

Just in case you need some helping picking out tools to light your charcoal here are some suggestions.

If you want make safe, easy to use fire starters at home here is a site with instructions on how to do it yourself.

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