Science of Taste: Bart’s Periodic Table of Ingredients


Social Media can be a huge time vacuum. If you’re not careful you can sit down for a quick visit to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other of the popular social media venues and before you know it you’ve spent way to much time reading or commenting on a variety of useless pieces of internet fluff.  Every once in a while though you stumble across a link to a website or information that amazes you.  That was the case this morning.  I came across a link to a periodic table on the website belonging to Bart’s Ingredients.

The Bart’s website is one of the best looking websites I’ve come across in recent months.  It is easy to navigate and provides a lot of information for the home and professional cook.  One of the coolest and most useful tools on the website is their Periodic Table of Herbs & Spices.

If you’ve ever wondered if one spice or herb would work with another then this tool is a must have.  You can download the full chart on Bart’s Ingredients.


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