BBQ Tips #23: Experts Share Grill Maintenance Tips For The Summer Season

Grail Note:  Came across a good article on cleaning your grills.  Yes, I know the article refers to them as barbecues, but you and I both know it's really a grill.  Either way cleaning your grill is a good thing.  I've never subscribed to the idea that dirty grill grates were "just flavor."  It's not flavor it's crud. UNIONDALE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Barbecue is in the air this July 4 and families just can’t get enough. But first, experts are urging you to make sure you clean your grill. Grease and clogged propane lines are a serious fire hazard. Long Island is waiting in anticipation for the holiday and the aroma of barbecue is already in the air, but there are things you can do to keep your party safe. Experts say don’t cut back on grill maintenance. Before you turn on for the summer, get gas grills cleaned and hoses and valves checked. Spiderwebs can also prove to be dangerous. “The gas will not flow through a spiderweb. It will back up and create a fire in the control panel,” Lawrence DiPalma, of the Jetmore Grill Co., told CBS 2?s Jennifer McLogan. With a yearly overhaul, gas grills can last between 10 to 20 years while charcoal grills can last three to 10 years.

“Grease buildup in the charcoal grill, if it’s not maintained, that’s where you get a grease fire,” DiPalma said.

You should clean with wire brushes after every use and wipe down racks with vegetable oil.

Fire officials also advise that there should be a safety zone of at least 3 feet around grills so that kids can’t get burned.

You should also keep the grill on level ground and ventilated. Lighting even a small hibachi charcoal grill inside could set your house on fire.

Turning on a gas grill in an enclosed area could kill a family with carbon monoxide.

New York State parks officials say their grills are cleaned and ready to go for families this weekend.

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  1. Glenn/42BBQ // July 2, 2012 at 5:51 am //

    I love the comment, “charcoal grills can last 3 to 10 years.” My new, to me, 1991 Weber Performer is kicking out amazing food every time I fire get up. #weber

  2. Another great tip is the go easy on the lighter fluid or avoid it entirely. Also never use gasoline or other alternative flamable liquids to light your charcoal grill. Many accidents happen this way.

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