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Food Safety And Outdoor Cooking

August 24, 2014

Food safety is an important part of an enjoyable outdoor cooking experience, maybe even more important. The effects of poor food safety practices can actually last longer than the tasty burger [...]

You Marinate With A Marinade

August 16, 2014

Marinades are one of the most popular methods for imparting extra flavor into meats before grilling. Even though marinades are one of the easiest preparations for grilling a few important aspects that will make using marinades the most useful. It's not as easy as some commercial marinade companies want you to think it is. [...]

5 Tips For Great Grilled Chicken

August 1, 2014

Five Tips For Great Grilled Chicken Use A Good Rub: Pump up the flavor of your grilled chicken with a good flavorful rub.  Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. [...]

Ten Awesome Grilling Tips

July 13, 2014

Grilling season is in full swing.  Here’s a few grilling tips to remind you not to forget some important things.   Plan A Head And Prepare There’s nothing [...]

5 Free Outdoor Cooking Plans

May 18, 2014

The internet is a wonderful thing!  If you want to build something chances are you’ll be able to find the plans to do so.  Below you’ll f ind the first of a [...]

Primo XL Oval Refurb Project: Part 1

May 13, 2014

I recently was able to get my hands on a Primo XL Oval for a price that was to good to pass up. I won’t mention the price because it just might cause some serious [...]

Last Minute Turkey Tip: Carving

November 27, 2013

Thanks to my friends from Butterball turkeys for the simple and easy techniques for carving your Thanksgiving turkey. CARVING THE BREAST First, allow your cooked turkey to [...]

Last Minute Turkey Tip — Thawing Your Frozen Turkey

November 25, 2013

Never thaw your turkey on the kitchen counter. Temperatures fall within the danger zone of 40°F to 140°F that promotes active growth of bacteria. If left on a kitchen counter, a frozen turkey will thaw from the outside in. As its surface warms, bacteria multiply. In the time it takes for the entire turkey to thaw, the surface bacteria can multiply to dangerous levels [...]

Couchgating and Tailgating With Food Safety In Mind

October 9, 2013

Whether it's cooking in your backyard for your couchgating event or tailgating in the stadium parking lot of your favorite football team you safety in your cooking methods are important. With the recent recalls of chicken and ground beef for bacteria related reasons I thought this might be a good time to review a few safety measure that will help insure a safe and successful outdoor cooking event. [...]

You Just Can’t Fix Stupid! Wake Up Grillers!

June 3, 2013

I can't even big to express how upset I am this morning. It seems it's always the children who suffer for the stupidity of adults. It happens every year, usually more than once, that a child is injured because an adult uses gasoline to start a grill. [...]

Ribs 101 from Buedel Fine Meats

May 20, 2013

At Buedel Fine Meats and Provisions, we have a simple mission: Listen to you, our customer, understand your needs and then meet them with the finest quality meats, along with [...]
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