This isn't your mother's bologna!

I’ve been reading about smoked bologna for a couple of months and thought I would give it a try yesterday.

First thing I did was take a 6 pound bologna chub and rubbed it down with olive oil and a good dose of Plowboys new beta beef rub.

Smoked the chub at 225 degrees with Wild Cherry wood until the internal temperature reached 165 degrees. Take a look at the “bark” on this bologna.

The smoke ring is just amazing.

The bologna is done and let me tell you, it tastes fantastic. I can’t wait to slice this up today and make myself a fried smoked bologna sammie!

6 Comments on This isn't your mother's bologna!

  1. Larry, this looks fantastic! I really like the way you scored the outside. I’m gonna try this with some SPAM.

  2. Paul Maples // March 24, 2008 at 7:15 pm //

    The bologna looks mighty mighty good and i would like to try this recipe. Where can I buy the Plowboys new beta beef rub?


  3. Man that looks awesome… I’ll give it a try!

  4. Paul, I’m not sure about Plowboy’s beef rub. I’ll check with Todd and post something here.

  5. Thanks Ian. Coming from you that’s a great compliment.

  6. Todd (Plowboy) says his beef rub should be available in a couple more weeks.

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