Stuffed Poblano Peppers (Take 1)

This past week I was asked by a friend to develope three recipes using his rubs.  The recipes would be used on new website and possibly in a self-published cookbook in 2011.  Because I promised a degree of confidentiality on this project the name of the rub has been left out of the recipe below.  Creating a recipe is not an easy task and often takes quite a few tries before it’s ready for release.  I thought I would take you through my process over the next month or so. 

When I was growing up one of the meals my mom used to make was a stuffed bell pepper.  Made with ground beef, rice and tomato of some type it was a favorite of hers.  As a kid I was never very fond of eating the bell pepper but my adult pallette is much more agreeable with peppers now.  I decided to use a nice poblano better instead of a bell pepper.

I think this was a good start to what, I hope, will be a great recipe for my friend.  The flavor was a little mild and the BBQ sauce I used for the glaze didn’t compliment the rub I used for the seasoning.  I smoked the whole chub of hamburger so I got plenty of nice smokey flavor along with a sort of “bark” on the meat.  I’ll use this technique again.

I took a whole 1 pound chub of 93/7 hamburger and seasoned it with some rub and herbs.  I smoked the chub for about 90 minutes using cherry wood until it reached 165 degrees internal temp.  The chub was wrapped in foil and cooled.

I picked up some nice poblano peppers and another pepper that was called Red Lipstick Pepper.  I diced up three cloves of garlic, the red lipstick pepper and the pieces removed from the poblanos.  These were sauteed along with some onions until tender.

While the peppers and onion were cooking I rough chopped the smoked hamburger chub and ran it through the food processor to get a fine chop on it.  The hamburger was added to the cooked peppers along with some salt, pepper and the “secret” rub.  After mixing for a minute and heating through I added 15 ounces of tomato sauce and 1 cup of cooked rice.

I cut a triangle out of the top of each poblano with a pair of kitchen shears and removed all the seeds and veins.  A layer of pepper jack cheese was added to the inside of each poblano.  The hamburger and rice mixture was then spooned into each pepper.  The poblanos don’t hold all that much so I piled it up high.  I smoked the stuffed peppers for about 30 minutes at 275 degrees in the smoker.

That’s the first try at this new recipe.  More to come…

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  1. My mom’s stuffed bell peppers were a favorite of mine too.

    These “first draft” poblanos sound wonderful. Never tried smoking a chub of hamburger meat before, does it have a crumbly texture when done?

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