Easter Pig Candy!

Pig Candy!  One of the most amazing and tasteful creations in the BBQ world.  It’s not hard to please most people with bacon, but Pig Candy is an over the top bacon creation.  Salty and sweet is a combination of tastes that pleases the palettes of people all over the world.

Pig Candy is very simply made by smoking bacon after it’s been coated in a mixture of brown sugar.  Sometimes the brown sugar contains a little chili powder for an added kick at the end.

Normally I like to use thick cut bacon for Pig Candy.  It makes for a much chewier and tasty treat.  This time though I used Burger’s Bacon Steaks.  The slices of bacon from Burger’s Smokehouse are just thick cut they are thickerer cut.  The slices are 1/4 inch.

To give you some idea of how thick this bacon is there are only 8 slices per pound.  Regular slices bacon is usually about 15 slices per pound and thick cut bacon is about 10 slices per pound.

I had the bright idea of using wooden skewers  so the Pig Candy could be eaten like “state fair” food.  I mean what’s more “state fair” food like than bacon on a stick?  However, brown sugar melts real nice and coats the bacon real nice but it also glued the bacon to the stick so it didn’t come off the stick like I hoped.  Not going to try that technique again.

As I was pulling the Pig Candy off the smoker I noticed Mrs. Grail was melting dark chocolate for some dessert she was making so I borrowed a little and drizzled the Pig Candy with the chocolate.  Chocolate and salt goes together and the dark chocolate added a nice touch to the Pig Candy.

The next time you’ve got some spare space on your smoker lay some bacon on the grate and cover it with brown sugar.  Smoke the bacon until the sugar is melted and turn the bacon over, cover with brown sugar and smoke until it just starts to get crisp.  Remove from smoker and let it cool.  You’ll have some the tastiest pork you’ve ever cooked.

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  1. I think the skewer idea is so cool.

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