Barbecue is often described as low and slow cooking. On Embers and Flame we’re going to call Barbecue anything not cooked over direct heat.

Apple Pie Tart Cobbler A La Mode

August 14, 2014

Apple Pie Tart Cobbler! I wasn’t sure what to call this dish.  I saw a couple different versions on Pinterest.  Most used peaches and orange soda and although the [...]

Smoked Candied Nuts

August 7, 2014

Smoked candied nuts have always been a hit whenever I’ve served them.  The gentle smoke flavor that comes from the mixture of fruitwoods I use adds a whole new [...]

Cooking bacon outdoors for easy clean up

July 31, 2014

Cooking bacon in the house has the potential to be one of the messiest cooking events you’ll ever have.  It just seems that not matter how much care you take the bacon [...]

5 Free Outdoor Cooking Plans

May 18, 2014

The internet is a wonderful thing!  If you want to build something chances are you’ll be able to find the plans to do so.  Below you’ll f ind the first of a [...]

The Austin BBQ City Guide from Full and Content

October 21, 2013

Editor’s Note: I love all kinds of BBQ, but there is a special place in my heart for Texas BBQ and the city of Austin. Texas was where I had my first taste of smoked brisket. And Austin was the place where, as a young 18 year old soldier stationed at Fort Hood I experienced Jerry Jeff Walker and Asleep At The Wheel at the Armadillo World Headquarters for the first time or got to hang our with Elvis Costello at Raul’s. [...]

Guest Blog Post: Sean Bardwell’s Smoked Tomato Penne

October 15, 2013

I'd like to say I'm not one of those BBQ guys who thinks that bacon makes everything better, but that would be a complete lie! I love bacon and have a serious bacon collection and addiction. A few years ago I heard about Bakon vodka and have since been on a quest to add it to my collection. I finally was able to add the "grail" to my collection last week. [...]

Steve Coddington Is Living The Dream

October 11, 2013

The road to Pitmaster at Lockhart's BBQ in Royal Oak, Michigan is probably not the road Steve want to start down, but the prize at the end of that road probably makes the journey a little better. It was a road that started, like all to many people, with loosing a job due to the economic downturn. [...]

My Take On Pork N’ Beans

October 3, 2013

My mom, when I was growing up, was a good cook. She could whip up some fantastic meals. Watching my mom and to some extent my grandmother cook is one of the reasons I am, today, so interested in cooking. Every once in a while my mom would venture off the normal meat and potatoes, somewhat healthy meal and would fix, what I now [...]
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