Rick’s Picks! The Best Pickles In The World

The pickles are hand-packed and all natural, made in season with produce from local farmers. They bring innovation to a category that hasn’t seen much change in a long time.

Ricks-Picks-2Ricks-Picks-1I made a big mistake a month or so ago. I stopped by the local “Whole Paycheck Store” to buy some heirloom beans and happened to walk down an aisle only to hear a voice in my head. “Hey Larry! You like pickles.  Check these out.” I’ve heard that voice before and I should have had enough sense to ignore it.

Hotties are crinkle-cut spicy pickle chips with bold flavor notes of dried Habanero and Sriracha.

But no, I just couldn’t walk by, I had to buy a jar of Rick’s Picks “Hotties.”  Really, how could I pass up pickles with Sriracha and Habanero.  My fate was sealed, I pretty much ate the jar of pickles within a week.  They were that good.

The pickles found their way into tuna fish sandwiches, the rémoulade for my Fried Wild Alaska Black Cod Po’ Boys and a salmon salad appetizer I made for a little get together. I ate them on burgers. I ate them on sausage sandwiches. I ate them on pretty much everything I could think of until they were gone.

Ricks Pick 3Fortunately when the pickles are gone you still have the pickle brine.  A couple of tablespoons in cole slaw dressing makes for an amazing little kick. Add some to your favorite BBQ sauce for a little extra tang.  And if you’re smart you’ll finely sliced some red onion and use the brine for a nice pickled red onion for your burgers.

The next thing I’m going to try in the brine from my next jar is pickled smoked sausages.  Now doesn’t that sound awesome. The potential is endless.

The People’s Pickle is a chunky, garlicky slice with hints of coriander and dill.

My “mistake” was compounded a couple of days ago when I decided to pick up a jar of Rick’s Picks “The People’s Pickle.”  I wasn’t expecting the same results from the garlic dill pickles as I got from the sriracha pickles but dang these pickles are amazing. I pretty much ate the jar with some cheese and a few crackers while watching an NBA playoff game.

Are they really the best pickles in the world? I don’t really know.  I suppose I’ll have to do some taste testing, but for now Rick’s Picks are the best pickle in the world that I’ve eaten.

Note: This blog post is the result of me purchasing some freaking awesome pickles.  Rick’s Picks didn’t send me anything.

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