Compressed Sushi with Candied Salmon

Earlier in the week I can smoked Candied Salmon a try.  It came out pretty nice.  Lots of flavor, not as sweet and candy-like as I had hoped but it was good.  Later on I was reading one of favorite new cookbooks, The Food and Cooking of Japan & Korea when I came across a recipe for “Compressed Sushi with Smoked Salmon.”

It seemed like a pretty good way to use up some of the Candied Salmon I had in the refrigerator.  Other than the rice and salmon my take on this has no real connection to the recipe in the book.

This recipe seems to be a great way to continue my quest of fusing Asian flavors into American style BBQ techniques.  I’ll be trying the recipe in the book soon, so I guess I’ll consider this a practice session. The more and more I look into Asian cooking techniques the more I see connections between BBQ techniques used all over the United States.  This is an exciting project and this post is just one of a continuing effort.

Compressed sushi is a fairly simple process.  Once you’ve cooked up your rice up a thin layer in your container.  A layer of plastic wrap will help you remove the sushi when it’s done.  A layer of smoked salmon goes on top of the first layer of rice.  And then a thick layer of rice on top of the smoked salmon.  Cover the whole think with plastic wrap and some type of cover.  Place a heavy weight on top of the whole thing so it compresses.  Let it sit for at least three hours.  If you use the refrigerator find the coldest part.  I let mine compress overnight.

When you’ve waited long enough, unwrap and remove you sushi.  Slice and serve with your preferred dipping sauce.

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  1. Larry – nice move with the left over salmon. I can’t wait to try this with my own spin. Looks awesome!

  2. Nicely done Larry. I prefer this with Spam myself. But, this is a nice rendition.

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