These pages originally began as The BBQ Grail Blog in 2007 to document Larry Gaian’s quest to find the perfect backyard BBQ experience.  The BBQ Grail eventually become one of the most popular BBQ blogs on the internet, including a listing on Alltop.com as one of the top BBQ blogs.

Originally intended to be about backyard BBQ and Grilling, The BBQ Grail has morphed into a website dedicated to all aspects of outdoor cooking.  To better represent this change, The BBQ Grail Blog on March 24th, 2013 became Embers and Flame.

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About The Author

Larry Gaian’s writing career’s had its humble beginnings in Mr. Mike Moss’s 5th grade class, at Avondale Elementary School in Spring Valley, California, when he began writing one act Sci-Fi plays with his friend Randy Gibson.  He eventually joined the Army where he was an award-winning journalist with the Fort Hood Sentinel.

The love of BBQ, for Larry, began in 1977 when he found himself stationed at Fort Hood in the heart of Central Texas.   For some reason, after years of listening to the typical (and soon to be classic) 70′s rock music he found himself in enjoying the music of the Outlaw Country Music scene.  Waylon, Willie and the boys brought Texas to life for him.

It was about this time Waylon released the song “Luckenbach, Texas”. The next Spring a group of six young and stupid GIs crowded into a rundown Volkswagen bug and headed out to attend the Mud Dauber Festival in Luckenbach. It was an interesting trip to say the least.  It was during this trip that Larry partook of smoked brisket for the first time.  It was at that very second, when the smokey goodness touched his tongue, that his BBQ journey began.

In “real life” Larry is a Major Account District Manager for ADP where he is a Workforce Management Consultant for a subsidiary of a worldwide Fortune 500 company.  He is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Media Inquiries

Larry Gaian is available for public appearances, interviews, barbecue/grilling classes and demonstrations. If you are interested in having Larry appear with you please contact him here.

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