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    Food Safety And Outdoor Cooking

    Food safety is an important part of an enjoyable outdoor cooking experience, maybe even more important. The effects of poor food safety practices can actually last longer than the tasty burger [...]
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    Sizzle Q from Little Griddle Innovations

    There is only one thing, in the world, that tastes better than a juicy hamburger cooked on one of my outdoor grills. And that's a juicy hamburger cooked on a "flat top" sitting on one of my outdoor grills. There is just something about the flavor and crunchiness of a perfect hamburger patty on a flat top. [...]
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    You Marinate With A Marinade

    Marinades are one of the most popular methods for imparting extra flavor into meats before grilling. Even though marinades are one of the easiest preparations for grilling a few important aspects that will make using marinades the most useful. It's not as easy as some commercial marinade companies want you to think it is. [...]

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